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SAP Crystal Reports

INS00140 Invalid Keycode Error and other Crystal Reports 2011 Installation issues


This article is also applicable to other BI 4.0 products installations like Dashboard Designer and Client Tools.

The error INS00140 Invalid Keycode Error usually caused by two reasons:

  1. Actually Invalid keycode
  2. Keycode verification failure

The first one could be easily addressed by downloading temporary keycode from (Obtain a temporary license key). If the temporary key does not work, then it is probably a second reason - conflict of cryptocme2.dll versions on the machine.

The cryptocme2.dll is a part of keycode decryption engine outsources by multiple software vendors like SAP, McAfee, CA, Adobe to RSA Security company  (see cryptocme2.dll  Properties). Keycode verification failure caused by multiple versions of cryptocme2.dll loaded on the machine by different applications. From my multiple tests I found the .dll is backwards compatible and all applications work with the latest version of the file.

So the easy solution to resolve cryptocme2.dll conflict on your machine:

  1. Search your machine for all copies of cryptocme2.dll file
  2. Rename all files located in non-SAP directories to cryptocme2_original.dll
  3. Add the latest version of the cryptocme2.dll file to all locations. Use the version that comes with CR 2011 installation. It is located at  … \CrystalReports\dunit\tp.rsa.crypto.cpp-\ . Extract the files from the file. Use winzip or winrar to extract the files. Rename the win32_x86cryptocme2.dll to  cryptocme2.dll  - just delete the “win32_x86” part and it would be the file you need to use.
  4. Restart the machine
  5. Repeat the installation attempt

In Crystal Reports 2011 SP06 installation developers added a Warning in case there is a conflict identified:

There are some additional best practices for Crystal Reports 2011 installation:

  • Download the latest version of the installation package for Crystal Reports 2011. To verify the version of extracted package, open productid.txt file located at: {installation package}\DATA_UNITS\CrystalReports\.
  • Do not run the installation from archived package, extract the package first.
  • To avoid any networking issues, copy the installation package to a local hard drive. Try to avoid long path name locations to extract the package, because some of the product installation file names (file name + path) already over 150 characters long. Adding long path name on local hard drive may reach Windows limit.
  • Login to the machine as Local ADMINISTRATOR, if possible.
  • Temporary disable any kind of firewall, antivirus, network security etc., if possible. Please note CR 2011 installation requires open port 4520 for communication
  • On the latest versions of Windows, even if logged in As local Administrator, right-click setup.exe file and select "Run as Administrator".  If you do not have Administrator account, try right click "Run as" Select current user and uncheck the "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity".
  • Make sure there is enough space on the computer. If not sure about the space, run "Custom" installation with minimum components. Non-mandatory components could be added later.
  • Copy and paste the license key, or type it in Capital case. If not sure about the validity of the license key, get a temporary key (see above)
  • Download and read the Installation Guide: Crystal Reports 2011 Installation Guide
  • For slow installation performance review the note 1857592 (see below)

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