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SAP Integration Certification for SAP HANA Cloud Java Applications


SAP HANA Cloud enables SAP partners, third-party software vendors and customers to develop / deploy and use Java applications in a cloud environment.

SAP HANA Cloud is an open-standards, Eclipse-based, module software development kit. It is certified at the latest industry cloud standards and operated by SAP.

The platform supports the complete lifecycle of building and deploying cloud-based enterprise business applications, extensions, and services.

SAP HANA Cloud also facilitates integration scenarios with your on-premise SAP software.

SAP HANA Cloud infrastructure runs on SAP's own implementation of a Java Virtual Machine - SAP Java Virtual Machine (JVM). SAP JVM is a fully certified Java Standard Edition Virtual Machine for Java 6 and 7. It is derived from Oracle’s HotSpot VM and JDK implementation, but enhanced with several supportability features. For more information, see Java Virtual Machine.

The SAP partner network-oriented application is a software product (software component) which can be certified the SAP certification scenario called HANACLOUD – JAVA 1.0.

Getting Started

Sign up:

The SAP Integration and Certification Center highly recommends that ISVs and partners, who are interested to develop (create) Java EE 6 Web profile SAP HANA Java cloud application(s) start by visiting the SAP Application Development Partner Center first, to get the necessary development and test environment, including system access.

Once your application is ready, please contact us with a basic overview of the app.

For generic information about certifying integrations with SAP solutions, begin with our page Getting Started with Integration and Certification that explains the SAP ICC services and describes the process how to obtain them. This page helps you select the correct integration scenario and contains technical information, streaming media presentations, step-by-step guides, and much more.

Technical Documentation

Technical preparation: To get started, see the quick overview document, a sample test report and sample TPP(questionnaire) & test catalog  provided by SAP ICC.

SAP Application Development Partner Center - Cloud Applications

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Documentation

Test System Recommendation from SAP ICC

For development or test system, you can visit Cloud Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Price List

2,500 Euros Per Certification (Euro currency applicable to all countries).

To understand all services and benefits included in this fee, please refer to the Getting Started Page.

Benefits of Certification

SAP HANA  Cloud Java applications that are certified by SAP meet one important qualification criteria for listing on SAP Store. Please visit SAP Store for more information.

Overall, customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times based on pre-tested integrations, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides. Please visit the 'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information.

After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with the appropriate SAP-certified logo.

Please refer to the Logo Usage and Communication Guideline for more details.

SAP HANA Cloud Application Partner Center

SAP Store - Cloud solutions in the SAP Store

SAP Community Network

Solution brief

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center – Community

SAP Training and Help: Please refer to SAP Education.

Apply for ICC Services right away - please fill in the SAP ICC online application form.

SAP Application Development partner directory: The certified solution is listed in our SAP Application Development partner directory.

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