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SAP Transportation Management

WKS: Planning Profiles in Freight Docs


The planning profile defines some important things like

  • Capacity Check severity (Overload is error or warning)
  • Incompatibility settings
  • Planning steps performed e.g. when assigning a resource or freight unit to
    the freight / booking order

Now, how does this profile get assigned to the Freight Doc?

Basically there are two options:

  1. If the freight document is created out of a transportation cockpit context, like from interactive planning in the cockpit or optimization runs, the profile used here is stored in the freight document and used also later in the single processing of the document
  2. If the freight document is created without transportation cockpit a condition comes into play: There is a singleton condition type /SCMTMS/TOR_PLN_PROF (only one condition of this type allowed). If a condition with this type exists in the system, it is called and the result is stored in the freight doc and used then.


If no profile is defined, defaults are applied, e.g. no incompatibility check, capacity check is warning.

As a detail: the profile is stored in the field PLAN_PROF_KEY of the /SCMTMS/TOR root.

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