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SAP 运输管理介绍 - Presentation

In recent years, the disaster in Japan and the threat from pirates showed the vulnerability of the global supply chain. At the same time, fuel prices have escalated, transport capacity is tighter, a major push by various government agencies toward sustainability and green supple chain has caused companies to reexamine their business practice, business process and their supply chains. This session is about the motivation, history, main business process and scenario and the future of SAP Transportation Management. 最近几年,日本的地震及其引起的海啸和索马里及东南亚海盗使得全球供应链的脆弱暴露无遗.同时,油价的高企,运力的紧张,多国政府对于可持续发展和绿色供应链的推进,使得很多企业重新考虑他们的业务流程,实践和供应链的合理性.本讲座将简要介绍SAP 运输管理8.1/9.0的背景,历史,主要的流程与场景及发展趋势和新功能.

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