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SAP Advantage Database Server

SAP Advantage Database Server 11.1


Advantage Database Server 11: Goes where you go

Advantage Database Server 11 is another leap forward in providing an award winning  database management system with high performance, functionality, technology, and support, all in one affordable unique package. The newest version of Advantage continues its commitment to excellence with no administration, small footprint, and flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases because Advantage allows both ISAM and SQL access to data.

Advantage 11 helps companies and developers tackle today's biggest demands including easy access to data not just from desktop computers but also from mobile devices and management of data anywhere through any device.  Couple that with increasing demands for better performance and developer flexibility and Advantage helps software vendors address their customer needs with a technology and partner they can trust.

ADS Data Access Everywhere on any Device
Advantage 11 introduces the Advantage Web Platform which allows clientless access to Advantage data like never before.   The Web Platform provides an easy method for extending applications to any mobile or tablet device.  This opens up endless possibilities to serve customers in ways that today's market demands.  The Web Platform is built on the open standard OData protocol.

Reduce Scheduled downtime with Online Database Management
Advantage 11 helps met the growing demands of customers by introducing new online database management features designed to reduce scheduled downtime and allow management functions to be performed at any time of day when users are actively working on the database. Advantage 11 includes ability to pack, re-index, and alter a table all while users are activity accessing the data.

Advantage 11 continues to be a low cost and high performance solution.  Improvements and enhancements in Advantage 11 make it the fastest performing Advantage Database Server ever.  End Users always like faster running applications and Advantage 11 makes it happen.

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