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SAP Screen Personas 2.0 - How to merge tabs


Note: This article is about SAP Screen Personas 2.0. If you are looking for more information about SAP Screen Personas 3.0, please go to the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Portal.

Since we first announced SAP Screen Personas last year, we have had many inquiries from customers, partners, and colleagues. We compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Now, as our early customers are starting to deploy the solution, we are getting more sophisticated inquiries such as how to merge tabs.

Several people asked if you can merge tabs using SAP Screen Personas and the answer is "Yes!". As an example, we have recorded a short video showing how to merge tabs on the 2nd screen of SU01D. Some sample fields are picked and added to the main canvas and the tab container itself gets removed.


  1. create a copy of Basic View
  2. double click the tab container
  3. flag it as cachable  select the tabs that are to be cached
  4. close the dialog by clicking Ok
  5. save and exit to force Personas to cache the tabs
  6. go back into edit-mode
  7. go to each tab and drag the interesting content out of the tab container
  8. hide the container
  9. re-arrange the content

If you want to learn how to make your SAP GUI screens more functional using SAP Screen Personas, please start a discussion in the SAP GUI space on SCN.

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