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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Open Catalog Interface, OCI5, Specification


The SRM User Interface Add-On delivers a web-like shopping experience for casual users to create shopping carts.  Casual users who are familiar with shopping online, web searches, and email should be able to create shopping carts in SRM with little or no training.

OCI5 is a new standard for the SRM User Interface Add-On.  One of the top requirements for the new user interface was cross-catalog search in a single user experience.  To fulfill that requirement, catalog content from multiple sources (eg: internal and external catalogs) is indexed in Enterprise Search, SAP's search appliance, for users to search against using keywords.  In order to provide users with all the information needed to make a product or service decision, the OCI5 specification was created to deliver comprehensive catalog content (eg: custom fields,unlimited fields, multiple images, etc).

In OCI 5.0, the data from the catalogs can be replicated to SAP Enterprise Search and indexed for enabling federated search on all data from multiple catalogs.

There are 2 forms of indexing:
1.File-based : where a file sent by the supplier can be uploaded and indexed.
2.http-based where the system would make an http call to the supplier catalog automatically in a scheduled report and then index the data.

The supplier will have to either send their items as a file (text file with the data in JSON format) or enable their catalog for http access based on the JSON format.  This format is a very simple xml-like format which uses name value pairs and allows SAP to provide enhanced capabilities like unlimited category specific attributes, unlimited images/attachments, unlimited customer fields etc. which makes it better than current OCI. It is also easy for machines to parse unlike standard XML which makes it better in terms of performance. Please see For more details.

The catalog data is staged in SRM before indexing and then indexed into enterprise search. Once indexed , the SRM staging area will be cleared. 

The linked document is a specification, which will allow you to implement OCI5 for catalog content.

The OCI5 Specification is available in Service Marketplace: -> Open Catalog Interface

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