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SAP Operational Process Intelligence

SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA

Empower your business operations with process visibility and process-aware analytics
when needed the most – in real time

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SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA enables line-of-business users to gain process visibility across their end-to-end business processes with a clear focus, improving the operational decision making to achieve better business outcomes.
As we all know, end-to-end business processes can span multiple systems (SAP, non-SAP), can be either modeled (as in SAP Business Workflow and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management) or built-in (as transaction or programmed in SAP Business Suite).
In addition, end-to-end processes can span between on-premise and on-demand systems. And at the same time deal with structured data as well as streaming data from social media feeds, internet of things (RFIDs, sensors etc.) and clickstreams.
In short, we have a variety of high volume and high velocity data from many sources – now’s the question: How can we make sense of all of this in our end-to-end processes in a focused and tailored way; provide business relevant information on performance, KPIs, trends and ensure process stays on track?
SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA brings the answer.
Using the SAP HANA platform to correlate and contextualize operational data - i.e. data from implemented end-to-end processes (process logs, transaction logs, business object data etc.) into a business scenario, business users will be able to get the right information on their processes in real-time.
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Blogs on SAP Operational Process Intelligence

Big data analytics and decision making tools are key factors for the competitiveness of every business in any industry. Business rules on SAP HANA is a one such tool helping you to author your rules in the most powerful and compact structure called decision table. On top you will be able to generate and execute SQL procedure to be used by applications to get radical improvements in decision making effort and reduce time when monitoring and managing

rules. This series of blogs by @Archana Shukla focusses on various aspects of decision table in SAP HANA introduced with SP05 and will help you discover, learn, build, use and execute rules in form of decision tables.

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