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SAP Transportation Management

WKS: Current Stop


Within the Freight Order management you can here and there find something called the "Current Stop".

So, what´s this?

Basically the current stop is our way of dealing with multi-pick/drop. The current stop is the stop where you actively work on at a certain point in time.

Let´s take an example:

We have a multi-pick freight order which goes A-B-C and loads stuff at A and at B and unloads at B and at C.

The current stop now is moving from  A to B to C:

  1. At the very beginning the current stop is A.
  2. After you reported the departure from A, the Inbound stop at B is the current stop, because the next activities are the unloading activities at B
  3. After unloading end has been reported, the Outbound stop at B becomes the current stop
  4. After departure from B the inbound stop at C becomes the current stop. If there would be more stops, this current stop would continue wandering thru the documents stop

What are the effects of the current stop?

Basically the current stop influences what you see in cargo management and the execution activities. If you e.g. press the button "Set to departed" on header level, the departure event is triggered for the current stop.

After departing from the first stop the overview looks like this:

Technically the field that indicates that a certain stop is the current stop is STOP_CURRENT. Se situation from the above screen shot looks in the backend like this:

The inbound stop at location PW_B is marked as the current stop where you do the next activities, the outbound stop at stop PW_A is marked as the one where the last execution activity was performed.

In the cargo management tab you can see the curernt stop and choose if you only want to see the cargo relevant for the curernt stop or for all stops:

If you are not familiar with the inbound/outbound stop : To learn more about the stop concept as such  more here: