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SAP SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere Performance and Diagnostic Tracking

SQL Anywhere keeps track of how often its major components are used. This information helps us to make the product better by giving us insight into which features are used most frequently. Furthermore, in the event of a software crash, this information provides valuable information to help us diagnose the problem.

Previous to SQL Anywhere 16 this information was collected, but only sent to SAP during submission of crash reports through dbsupport. In version 16, we have introduced a feature that enables automatic submission of the collected performance data. If this feature is enabled, the software will routinely send the collected performance data to SAP, even if no crash has occurred.

If you do not want the collected data sent to SAP, please opt out by unchecking the option in the SQL Anywhere installer, or by disabling it using the administration tools.

What kind of data is collected?

The data collection is strictly limited to gaining visibility into which of the product’s features are most often used. This information, including the following examples, allows us to make the product better in future releases:

  • Command line switches used
  • Features used in administration tools (Sybase Central, Interactive SQL)
  • Hardware configuration and operating system used
  • Features used in the server (page size, collation, etc)

We do not collect any customer identifiable information such as:

  • IP Addresses
  • Host name
  • Connection strings
  • User data

SQL Anywhere 16 is collecting the same type of information that was collected in previous versions of SQL Anywhere.

Can I view the data that is collected?

You can view the collected data at any time by running the following command:

dbsupport -pd

This will output an XML file, which is an identical copy of what will be sent to SAP.

How is the data sent to SAP?

The data is sent as an XML document to SAP via HTTP. The data is sent once a week.

Can I disable automatic submission at a later time?

Yes. Automatic submission of performance data can be disabled using either Sybase Central or Interactive SQL. Steps to disable automatic submission can be found in the SQL Anywhere documentation.

Is automatic submission turned on if I embed the database?

By default, when you deploy the administration tools, the feature that automatically submits performance data to the software development team is disabled. However, your users can enable or disable this feature within the administration tools. For more information, please consult the SQL Anywhere documentation.