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Welcome and Guidelines for Posting Discussions - Please Read Before Posting!


Please read these rules before posting:

  • If you have not posted on SCN before then ensure that you have read the SCN Rules of Engagement
  • Search for an answer before posting a question - many questions have already been asked and answered, just try googling it first which is best search for threads
  • Read all documentation, including the Master Guide, Admin Guide, Compatibility matrix, and pre reqisitive notes
  • When posting a discussion, Include your Release, which enhancement package, Iview is it WD ABAP or WD JAVA etc, cause most of the time consultants spend time in asking your release and extra information, more informative your thread more chances are you ll get the reply at the earliest
  • if there is a dump or an error, make sure you paste the whole error or exact source code extract from ST22.
  • After you have scored a solution either from SCN or elsewhere, please close the thread and post the solution as it ll help future community members so that they dont post again looking for a similar solution.

There are many blogs available in HCM and Employee Self-Service forums, Please read them. This would help us maintain less number of threads and help us providing the correct answers.

Any posts that do not adhere to the rules may be deleted. Basic questions will be deleted as per SCN guidelines.

Happy posting!

The Community Team

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