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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Packaging Specification in EWM


The topic deals with the EWM master data Packaging materials. The document will presents information on customizing and creating the packaging specification.  I will keep on updating the information on this topic based on further progress.  The use of pack spec will be added later.

Level: Beginners - Intermidiate.

Packaging material in EWM is one of the important master data which plays crucial role in business processes. Example : Packing, creation of handling units, Palletization etc.

Below image represents the packaging structure:

Header: This holds the administration info example creator name etc.

Content: Hold Product or Pack spec information.

Level: Holds information of packaging material and the information how to pack material in text formats (represented by work step).

   Level 1 holds information to pack the main product. All other levels hold information to pack the previous level. Example: The information in Level 2 will be used to pack level1.

Element group: Holds the Elements. There is only one element group under one level.

Elements: Elements are present under element groups and holds information on pack material and work step to be used at that level. Multiple elements under one level represent the packing information.

Business Example:

I need to pack 10 PC of  Glasses into a Box which has label positioned in front side of Box. These boxes are further wrapped into some transparent plastic cover. 6 such boxes are further packed into cartons, and a layer of rubbers are placed around each box when they are packed in this carton. 

As the Glass is a fragile material we will wrap each glass by some plastic material.

The sequential steps in above scenario are as follow:

  1.        Wrap the Glass in some plastic Material.
  2.        Pack 10 PC of glasses which are wrapped in plastic material in Box.
  3.        There should be some label which is fixed in front of the boxes from step 2. The label might have information like serial number batches etc
  4.        These boxes are further wrapped in  some plastic cover
  5.        6 boxes are packed in one Carton, with a rubber layer around the boxes.


The above packing scenario is observed as below in EWM Pack spec.

Header: This will have admin information as explained above.

Content:  Glass

Level 1:   This level will represent the packing of glass in some plastic material. The pack material is Plastic material and the work step will have the instructions to pack the glass.

Level one > EG1:

        Element001:  Pack material: Plastic material. Target quantity as 1 PC for Glass. The instructions in   work step: wrap the glass in 2 SQ FT plastic cover.

Level2: Place the boxes packed with plastic cover vertically in the Boxes and place a label in front of the boxes. The Item in Level 1 will be packed in Level 2.

Level two > EG1:

Element001: Pack Material: Box. Target Quantity: 10 PC and work step : Place 10 PC of glasses vertically in the boxes  etc …

Note: Similarly we can proceed further for remaining points.

We can also test below scenario:

Instead of creating Level two, the level two can be created  as Element 002 under level 1 .

       Element 002:  Packing material Box , Work step: Place 10 Pc of wrapped glasses from element 001 vertically inside the box. The target quantity will be 10 PC. (The above Element 002 can also be implemented by creating a new level)

How to create packaging specifications in customizing?

  1. Create a Level.  You should have a HU type created in advance to assign this in level. Also set the HU creation flag.  Refer F1 Help for more details.


2. Define the Element type. Refer the customizing from point 1.

3. Define a Level Set. Level Set is used to hold the levels for packaging specifications.

  1. Assign Level created in point 1 to level sets.


B. Assign Elements created in point 2 to the level. SAVE your entries.


  1. Create a packaging group. PCKG


New packaging group is created to hold the levels: PCKG. Assign the number range object (36) and also assign the Level set which we created in point 3.

STEP001: Creating Pack Spec

With the above customizing we will be able to get the below information in Transaction: /scwm/packspec

Press the new icon to create a pack spec. The number range is external here, so enter the pack spec number and select the packaging group PCKG. The level set will be selected automatically as shown below.  Click on Change button to actually create a pack spec.

Note: This is Header information:

Click on LEVEL (Left Panel): The Level L001 is selected. The element type is EL01 which is under Element group as marked in image.

Clicking the element below details are shown

Note : Till now we have seen the high level information on pack spec and created its skeleton.

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