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How to use conditions for FOR/BOR-Type determination


To make the planning and execution document type (freight orders and bookings) determination rules based, conditions can be used.

The setup is described in this document.

The example describes the FOR-type determination based on the type of the assigned Freight Units.

First step is to define the condition.

Important is the correct condition type /SCMTMS/TOR_TYPE:

In the condition we need a data crawler profile which read from the Freight Order to the assigned FUs. The general concept is described in the documentation and several postings(, so I shorten this here.

Basically the data crawler needs only the following step to get from the Freight Order to the Freight Unit:

Then we need a data access definition like this one:

Next step is to assign this data access definition to the doc type and use it in your condition (in the data access definition section of the condition):

If you go back to the condition decision table, you can maintain your entries:

Second Step: Assign to Planning Profile

After defining your conditions as described above this condition must be assigned to the planning profile:

Last Step: Enjoy

If new freight orders are created with this planning profile, the condition is processed.