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Readiness Check Mobile App Certification

This checklist guides SAP Partners and ISVs through the whole process of certification - from signup to completion.

Please refer to SCN for more information.


  • I have signed an agreement either with SAP ICC for certification of custom mobile apps or with the SAP

        Mobile Apps Partner Program for packaged mobile apps.

  • I have developed a mobile app, which is built using SUP 2.1 (or 2.0) and/or SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0.
  • I have completed development of my mobile app, which is ready for release (feature complete and fully

        tested on the devices and platforms that I support).

  • I have included a “demo mode” with my mobile app that demonstrates the functionalities of the application to

        end-users without the need of having the complete system setup.

  • For the iOS platform: I have made my mobile app available for download on the Apple App Store (not

        mandatory but strongly recommended as the SAP Store cannot host any iOS mobile apps).

For partners and ISVs, who have implemented their own custom developed ABAP Add-on, the following is applicable:

  • I have registered for a new development namespace on the SAP Marketplace.
  • I have implemented my mobile development project using the partner-registered development namespace.
  • I have requested the ABAP Assembly Kit (AAK) with current shipping address.
  • I have packaged my custom developed code as an add-on using the AAK.

Pre-Certification Test

  • I have provided the following documentation set to the ICC consultant: TPP, PPMS (and possibly more if


  • I have provided the mobile app client package: APK file for Android, IPA file for iOS or Link to iTunes.
  • I have provided the Add-on to the ICC consultant (if applicable).
  • I have completed the setup of the test infrastructure for the integration test-drive: SUP server and SAP test

       system or 3rd party system depending on integration scenario.

Post-Certification Test

  • I have approved the draft version of the certification documents (certificate and test report).
  • Certification is completed.

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