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Mobile App Certification FAQ

This F.A.Q. is for SAP Partners and ISVs interested in the mobile app certification. A general F.A.Q. related to ICC

services is available on SCN: Getting Started with Integration and Certification (FAQ).


How do I sign up for the mobile app certification?

Please contact SAP ICC at if you wish to certify a custom app (i.e. a mobile app that is not

meant for distribution on any app store). To certify a packaged app for distribution on the SAP Store,

you must first register on the SAP Mobile Apps Partner Center.

Is certification a pre-requisite for listing on the SAP Store?

Yes, only certified packaged mobile apps can be listed on the SAP Store. Non-certified mobile apps or

certified custom mobile apps cannot be listed on the SAP Store.

What is a packaged mobile app exactly?

A packaged mobile app is an app which available in a downloadable form and is built using one or more

component of the SAP Mobile Platform. Please refer to the complete list of criteria from the SAP Mobile

Apps Partner Center.

How long does it take to complete the mobile app certification?

The duration of the certification depends on the partner’s level of readiness and the availability of the consultant. A project can be completed in as little time as 1-2 days. To ensure a timely completion,please plan ahead by contacting SAP ICC early on.

What is the cost of the mobile app certification?

Pricing varies according to the type of the mobile app. For a custom mobile app, the certification fee is

4000 Euros. Partners who have registered for the SAP Mobile Apps Partner Program, the certification

fee is 990 Euros for a packaged mobile app. These prices are subject to change so please refer to the

SCN page for the most up to date information. You can also contact SAP ICC for more information on

custom app certification or contact the SAP Mobile Apps Partner Center for packaged apps.

Can I certify my mobile app on multiple devices?

Yes. Certification of a packaged mobile app is specific to a release (or version) of your mobile app on

your choice of device/platform as long as it is part of the same certification request.

Is there any extra cost for validation of the ABAP Add-on?

If you have implemented custom ABAP code (i.e. integration of the mobile app to an SAP backend via

custom ABAP code) then the certification fee will also include the validation of the ABAP add-on as well

(at no extra cost). This is also applicable if your mobile app is using SAP NetWeaver Gateway content:

certification cost will include validation of the Gateway content.

How can I obtain the necessary licenses?

Join SAP’s Mobile App Partner Program, where it is included, or purchase via ICC or partner program if

building custom app.

What are the benefits of the mobile app certification?

Only certified packaged apps can be listed on the SAP Store. Other benefits of certification include

shorter implementation times, technical enablement and marketing assets. Please visit the 'Certification

Benefits overview page' for more information.

Do I need to get my mobile app approved by Apple?

Yes, if you wish to be listed on the SAP Store (please contact SAP Store for more information).

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