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Tools to predict changes and new features in Upgrades: a brief overview


A system upgrade is a complex procedure that carries on numerous modifications on the software, affecting not only the end-users but also the Basis analysts that manage the SAP product, the Database, the Operating System, the network among other areas. It also involves key users, applications owners, functional and test users, project manager(s), consulting, etc. Each one's participation depends on how big and long the upgrade will be, but they'll certainly face questions related to how the system will look like afterwards? What will happen to my customizing programs? What are the new features? Will my favorite transaction or report be deleted? And what about the new layout?

This document is intended to help preparing for the upcoming changes, briefly reviewing each one . SAP has made public available a number of tools to help prepare and manage changes beforehand, avoiding potential surprises. They are:

The UDA (Upgrade Dependency Analyser)

Please also check the following:

On this link you can find a PDF file with most of the above information plus a few additional content;

Analysing Dependencies of Upgrades - a link about this process.

The SAP Solution Browser

For several years now, SAP's strategy for updating the products based on Business Suite (SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, etc.) is based on the application of Enhancements Packages (EHP).

The EHPs are an effective, safe, fast and economical way to incorporate functional improvements to the application, preserving the Core Product updates.

However, according to a survey by the SAP User Group for German speaking (DSAG) in March/2012 (see note published in, there is a high degree of lack of knowledge among SAP customers on the use and scope of Enhancements Packages.

In the same survey it was found that 86% of respondents already have operational version of SAP ERP 6.0 and 62% plan to invest in your SAP ERP system in 2012, but probably many of them have only some or no EhP applied to product base.

It is noteworthy that SAP has already released 6 Enhancements Packages for SAP ERP 6.0 product, and the seventh is in rump-up stage (as of Dezember/2012) and that the EHPs are cumulative.

How to know what new functionality added each Enhancement Package on what you have already installed?

Here is where the SAP Solution Browser enters the scene, helping customers discover all the features provided in each individually EhP.

Its use is simple and it is accessed via the following URL:

The next screen is where you come initially:

In the same language should be chosen (only available English, Japanese or German) and you get to the next screen ::

Where the following should be selected:

1) the application used in all possible (SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM or SAP Solution Manager);

2) release version which is currently runnig;

3) Release the version you want to upgrade (if selected source such as SAP ERP version 6.0, the destination display all EhP until version 6);

4) Application Area / Capacity Key (if not selected, all will be included automatically);

5) the key functional area (depending on what is selected in the previous section are enabled filters related to that area of ​​the application or selected key capability).

As the data is completed, the tool will mount a SAP Solution Browser table corresponding to the previous definitions and display  the final output, as shown in the screen example below:

On the screen above, you can select a particular functionality for more details on it, as shown in the following image:

From this screen you can return to the previous (Back to Results), and still see other features.

If you click Help on the previous screen, the SAP Help Portal will provide a detailed description of the functionality offered.

There is always a choice of new values ​​in the previous screens, selecting the Reset button present on that screen, and SAP Solution Browser Tool will display results according to the new values ​​selected.

It is also possible to export the output obtained a Word document.

The Scenario and Process Component List tool

The Scenario & Process Component List is a tool for finding realization alternatives for sap solutions, business scenarios, and processes which narrows the gap between the business view and the technical view onto SAP's products. It shows you which application components are needed to realize a business scenario or process and which business scenarios are possible with a given set of application components.

Please refer to the following document for detailed information:

This is the link for the web-based application:

The Landscape Verification Tool

This a transaction that can be called within a Solution Manager system, the t-code is LVSM.

LVT analyzes the description of your system landscape and compares it with information from the SAP support system. Problems, gaps, and inconsistencies in your landscape description that are identified in the analysis of this comparison are summarized by the landscape verification tool in a clear overview on the user interface. A detailed description with recommended solutions is provided for each problem area; in many cases, you can also resolve a problem using an integrated wizard that guides you through the necessary steps.

Please refer to the following information about the usage of this tool:

The Business Function Prediction tool

Due to popular demand, SAP put up a tool aimed to easily identify new functionality that provides a tailored recommendation of which business functions delivered by SAP enhancement packages are relevant for each customer' business. The Business Function Prediction tool is free of charge and available on the following link:

SAP - Business Function Prediction for SAP ERP: Easily Identify SAP Enhancement Package Functiona...

This tool is well documented, you can refer to the following links for details: