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Useful Workflow Transactions


Workflow Transactions

This list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated as I get more transactions.

PFAC - Maintain/Display Standard Rule

PFTC - Task Maintain/Display

SWDD - Workflow Builder

SWO1 – Object Navigator

PPOSW - Display Organisational Plan

SWDM - Business Workflow Explorer

SWL1 – Dynamic columns

Work Items:

SWI1 – Work item selection report

SWI2_DIAG - Diagnosis of Workflows with Errors

SWI2_FREQ - Work Items per Task

SWI2_ADM1 - Work Items without Agents

SWI2_DURA - Work Items by Processing Duration

SWI2_DEAD - Work Items with Monitored Deadlines

SWI2_ADM2 - Work Items with Deleted Users

SWI5 – Work items assigned to a particular user


SM58/ - Transactional RFC

SWU2 – Workflow RFC Monitor

Workflow Restart:

SWPR - Workflow Restart after Error

SWPC - Continue Workflows after System Crash

SWF_ADM_SUSPEND - Restart Suspended Workflow Callbacks

SWF_ADM_SWWWIDH - Restart Suspended Deadline Callbacks


SWE2 - Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages

SWELS Activate the Event log

SWELS - Switch the event trace on/off

SWEL - View the event trace

SWU0 - Event Simulation

SWUE - Create Event

SWEQADM - Event Queue

SWETYP - Type Linkages

SWE3 – Event linkage

SWEINST - Instance Linkages

SWF_BAM - Business Activity Monitoring – Administration (Create a condition for an event linkage)

Workflow Troubleshooting:

SWU8/SWF_TRC - Workflow Trace On/Off

SWU9/SWF_TRC - Workflow Trace Display

SWF_APPL_DISPLAY - Display Application Log

SWUD - Workflow Diagnosis

SWUS - Test Workflow

ST22 – To check dumps


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