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Usability improvement: Personalization of tables with TM 9.0

With TM 9.0 a new feature was widely introduced for tables e.g. in cargo view of freight orders and freight bookings.

It is about personalization of tables.

With this feature the columns, length and sequence of fields in tables can be defined and stored.

A user can store different field sets and easily switch the between them.

It is pretty easy to setup & use for instance in the cargo view of freight orders and freight bookings.

How to set it up?

1. Select the personalization icon in a table:

2. Define the fields, sequence and displayed length. Use 'Save as' to store the view.

3. Define the new view name.

4. You can also define which view should be used as default view by setting the default view indicator.

5. Now you are able to select the new view easily in the table of cargo in the freight order.

This feature is already available as of TM 8.0 in the POWLs.

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