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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Projects - SAP HANA & Database technology

The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum  around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.
The following list outlines a high-level perspective for the major projects successfully completed between 2008 and today in the area of SAP HANA technology, SAP HANA-based solutions and other database technology areas (e.g. Sybase ASE).

ITIS INLOG: A SAP HANA Based Logistics Software Solution

with International Transport Information Systems Limited (ITIS) [COIL Shanghai, May 2016]

ITIS INLOG Freight Management System suite was developed for the global freight industry to increase productivity, total visibility and to enhance overall management and monitoring efficiency by deploying in SAP memory database HANA.

With INLOG, international freight forwarders/agents can benefit from a unified, connected platform that multiple site offices can enjoy data sharing and workflow streamlining:

Cash flow

Global customer credit control / Global customer quotation / Global margin control / Global customer statement and settlement / Inter-site billing and settlement / Clearance center handling / Vendor tariff management / IFRS compliance reporting

Data flow

Data sharing between sites / Inter-site data integration / 3rd party data integration / Official authority data integration / e-Document dispatch

Cargo flow

Shipment track and trace / Load planning / Warehouse operation


Global margin control / Master Job control to manage shipment across multiple site offices / Workflow control to validate key documents and procedures are complete / SOX and J-SOX compliance track, trace and control / Advance validation, such as equipment capacity validation, check digit validation.

For more details please visit the SCN blog.

Matrix Data Labs Effective Churn Management

with Matrix Data Labs [COIL Brazil, August 2015]

Matrix Data Labs ( is a Venezuelan company specialized in Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Created in 2012, a BI provider since 2005 with clients in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, Matrix is leading creative and innovative business in the region. Their solutions include state of the art tools in data mining, text mining, social media analysis and mathematical/statistical models aimed to improve insight and decision capacity based on data.

With COIL support, Matrix Data Labs developed a specially designed solution for the Telecom Industry. The solution, built on SAP HANA, combines the use of SAP HANA with the Statistical Language R to perform fast and effective churn prediction over large volume data sets.

The modular procedure introduces fast and efficient user defined clusterization and classification methods based on R to estimate, for each customer, churn probability. This information is then used to perform Business Analysis allowing important insight, determining customer churn and value as well as discovering new business opportunities.

The solution addresses the main challenges of the Telecom Industry:

Challenges for the Telecom Industry:

  • Improve retention rates, reducing costs of retention campaigns
  • Upselling and cross selling with current customers
  • Understand customer behavior and value in order to design new products and services based on specific needs

Matrix Data Labs Solution:

  • Estimation of each customer churn probability
  • Advanced analytics for estimating churn probabilities and prediction of customers potential value
  • Identification and efforts concentration of “high risk” customers

EDopt – Energy Demand optimizer

with Cognizant Technology Solutions Inc. [COIL Bangalore, March 2015]

Harvesting smart meter data to distribute and optimize the electricity demand.

The Utility industry in on the threshold of drastic changes and the business is getting competitive by the day. Though the demand response programs have existed in the market but they have their limitations. The customization of the program was required. EDopt is a Cognizant solution built in collaboration with SAP COIL (Co-innovation lab). It is a comprehensive demand management platform, which provides highly sophisticated/intelligent/predictive models for demand management by analyzing real time inputs to predict models to maximize profits, minimize the cost, provide inputs to operational systems and update billing system. It also manages customer engagement, demand program life-cycle, communication, events and real-time-notification. EDopt leverages HANA capability to crunch large volumes of smart meter data (big-data), harness powerful native predictive library to identify target customer group to maximize profits by targeting individual customers with customized programs.

Visit the SCN blog

Brillio's HANA based Enterprise Business Event Simulation Solution

A tool for Banking and Financial Institutions to simulate future business events and analyze impact on performance of credit portfolios [COIL Bangalore, March 2015]

The modern banking industry is in dire need of a solution that can simulate shocks of financial data in real-time whilst supporting business growth. This co-innovation solution was built as a part of the SAHANA 2014 India program in SAP Co-innovation Lab, Bangalore.

HANA based Enterprise Business Event Simulation Solution (HEBESS) developed on SAP HANA platform is designed to help banks leverage predictive analysis to assess the impact of future scenarios on the Bank’s financial stability by providing a high degree of flexibility and configurability. The simulator presents a powerful synergy of SAP HANA analytics capabilities and Brillio’s expertise in engineering and customizing solutions to meet precise customer challenges. The scenarios and rule engines are customizable on-the-fly and go well beyond the scope of regulation mandated stress testing requirements  and helps to accelerate the decision making process to implement risk mitigation plans.

Application/Solution Benefits

  • Real Time Analytics to perform Stress Tests based on regulatory scenarios for immediate outputs
  • The ability to define inputs and create tailor-made scenarios using economic indicators i.e. Unemployment rate, GDP, etc.
  • Slide and Watch - Ability to shock macro-economic parameters and see results instantaneously in outputs
  • Significantly reduce the time, cost and repetitive manual effort to meet operational and regulatory requirements through quicker implementation lifecycles
  • Data accuracy and traceability with fully automated data extraction and modifiable calculation logic.

Visit this blog for more information.

Fleet Analytics Mobile Enabled (FAME)

with Hinduja Tech Limited [COIL Bangalore, March 2015]. Mobile enabled Vehicle health Tracking & Monitoring System using Real Time advanced analytics.

FAME aims to provide a Robust Analytics engine to monitor and analyze vehicle/fleet’s health based on the data received from the telematics unit (OBU).FAME leveraging SAP HANA platform and aims to aggregate huge volumes of telematics data received from fleets and provides real time Fleet analytics.It also enables different stakeholders such as the Fleet Managers, OEM Service Engineers and Dealers to drill down to specific vehicle or location for detail analysis and monitoring on real time.

Solution Benefits

  • Real Time Vehicle Diagnostic Alerts and Reports for Fleet stakeholders with dashboards through OBD(On-Board Diagnostics)
  • Aftermarket Inventory Management based on Field Data
  • Big Data for Future Vehicle Development

Solution Ensures

  • Highest uptime of fleet
  • Reduces cost of Fuel consumption and  on-time maintenance
  • High and real time Vehicle’s security
  • High Customer satisfaction

Visit the SCN blog.

Flood Real-time Monitoring (FoRM)

with Arteria Technologies – developed in cooperation with SAP Co-Innovation Lab  [COIL Bangalore, March 2015]. The flood monitoring and forecasting solution built on SAP HANA platform enables stateIrrigation departments to centrally monitor, analyse and forecast water flood situations.

FoRM, built on SAP HANA:

  • Collects: Automated data collection and consolidation of data from  various sensors installed across reservoirs, dam sites and canals
  • Monitors and Forecasts: Central Monitoring and Analysis of flood influencing parameters that detect flood situations. Also, forecast flood situation based on pre-defined algorithms.
  • Responds: Automatically alert impacted regions on potential flood situations
  • Impacts: Minimize the loss of property and lives by accurate forecasts of flood situations and impacted geographic zones

Visit the SCN blog


with Legal Vistas Pvt. Ltd – developed in cooperation with SAP Co-Innovation Lab  [COIL Bangalore, March 2015]. Solution built on SAP HANA, to manage a repository of legal issues for Courts and Enterprises enabling it to reduce delays and risks in Legal cases.

Large enterprises and Legal institutions require systems which change the way they interact or have current interfaces with stake holders. Many of the countries today struggle with overburdened systems and dragging of litigation and consequences for stakeholders even longer than their dispute natural span would entail otherwise.

LawNote is a web/tablet based solution for Courts and large enterprises built on SAP HANA, a real time in-memory based platform. LawNote provides document flow management, knowledge management through an overview of subjective complex details. There are primarily three modules of Pre-Litigation, Litigation and Documents. LawNote make use of SAP HANA real time analytics for risk analysis of Legal cases.

Visit the SCN blog

HANA and Big Data Fusion - Real Time Situational Awareness Reference Architecture and RDS solution

with SAP NS2, Cisco, Critigen, and Encryptics [COIL Palo Alto, December 2014]

This project aims to drive deep insight from structured and unstructured Big Data in an On- Premise, Cloud Based Environment for public service sectors. The focuses of this project is to prototype and extend an existing solution that can be deployed in an “on-premise-cloud based environment” to enable the integration of multi-source (social media, sensor, location, image, unstructured, structured, etc.) data to perform geospatial event analysis based on the aggregation of person of interest, location of interest, activity and semantic analysis.

Project Scope: leverage the proof of concept prototype developed by SAP NS2 and for a DoD intelligence agency and incorporate the capability for remote device position location and securely extend “desktop” analyst capabilities to the remote users.

Goal: create a documented working prototype that will be resident within the COIL and to be subsequently used as an SAP NS2 Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS). Provide a HANA development template that integrates geospatial analysis, predictive analytics, map generation, multi-source data integration and secure end-to-end for processing and dissemination of information products.

Solution: The RTSA RDS can be deployed in an “on-premise-cloud based environment” to enable the integration of multi-source (social media, sensor, location, image, unstructured, structured, etc.) data to perform geospatial event analysis based on the aggregation of person of interest, location of interest, activity and semantic analysis to enable the Activity Based Intelligence mission of the US Intelligence Community.

Application-Centric Optimization for SAP HANA using SED, ITPA, Cisco routers and switches
with CA and Cisco [COIL Palo Alto, Dec 2014]

SAP applications are moving to HANA for enhanced performance and real-time business management.  HANA dramatically increases application performance by eliminating rotational media databases as the major source of application latency.  However, this performance improvement can be negated and a new application bottleneck created if network policies are not optimized for HANA.

Businesses that depend on real-time data need networks optimized for real-time HANA access.  To function at a satisfactory level, SAP HANA communications from remote locations such as branch offices to centralized data centers must have their network policies optimized for HANA.

With this COIL project, Cisco and CA did a PoC for
a solution enabled by the capture of the Cisco IOS NetFlow traffic details on the real time traffic including HANA traffic crossing the wide area network.  These NetFlow details are forwarded from the Cisco routers to CA NFA where they are compiled while the SAP HANA port level conversations traversing Cisco Nexus switches are forwarded to CA ADA.  SAP Extended Diagnostics, based on CA Wily, complements and enhances the capabilities of the SAP platform by monitoring complex Java and .NET Web applications, application servers, portals, enterprise service buses, process servers and other infrastructure components.

Healthcare Innovation with Critigen - Leveraging SAP HANA Spatial and ESRI to Gain Rapid Insight from Healthcare Big Data
with Critigen [COIL Palo Alto, Dec 2014]

With this project, COIL member Critigen  aims to enhance the Medicare Mapper HANA Edition to create HANA based solutions and templates that integrate geospatial analysis, predictive analytics, map generation, and multi-source data integration for processing and dissemination of healthcare analytics and insight.  The Medicare Mapper and other deliverables from this project are available from the Critigen app store

Technical Suitability Review (TSR) for SAP HANA and Cloudera Hadoop Distribution Integration
with Intel and Cloudera [COIL Palo Alto, Dec 2014]

Cloudera Enterprise provides economical and scalable distributed data storage and processing of big data, as well as system management and data management tools. Cloudera Enterprise also incorporates related components that support data movement, data analysis, etc.

Leveraging a landscape and functional integration test conducted at COIL, SAP ICC has reviewed and qualified Cloudera Enterprise 5 as suitable for use in SAP solution environment in the SAP Technical Review Category TR-System SW/HW (TR System - level SW or HW).

OSIsoft PI Streaming Adapter for SAP ESP and HANA - Phase 2
with OSIsoft [COIL Palo Alto, Dec 2014]

With this project, OSISoft worked with SAP to extend their PI infrastructure to allow streaming sensor events captured by PI-managed sensors into SAP HANA via SAP Sybase ESP.  To that end, OSISoft and SAP plan to undertake a joint functional proof of concept where: a) OSISoft will build an adapter for their PI infrastructure to stream sensor events in to ESP using the ESP .NET SDK and b) SAP will configure ESP projects and HANA tables to capture, store and analyze the sensor events. If the project is successful, OSISoft plans to deliver an ESP/HANA adapter in its product portfolio.

We successfully completed Phase 1 of this project in 2013 which focused on SAP internal business alignment, integration architecture, design and planning. In 2014, we moved on to Phase 2 for the development and GTM of the adaptor.

Tangoe on SAP HANA and ESP: Proof of Concept and Performance Validation
with Tangoe [COIL Palo Alto, October & December 2014]

Tangoe (NASDAQ:TNGO) is a leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management software and services to a wide range of global enterprises and service providers. The company's Connection Lifecycle Management technology, Matrix, is an on-demand suite of software and services designed to turn on, track, manage, secure, and support various connections in an enterprise's connection lifecycle, including mobile, fixed, machine-to-machine, cloud software and services, enterprise social, and IT connections. Additional information about Tangoe can be found at

With this project at COIL, Tangoe explores integration with SAP to perform next generation capabilities with it’s advanced technology lab in the domain of data capture and analytics.

The COIL landscape is a good example of how an on premise Tangoe solution can be easily integrated with SAP HANA and ESP solution running in a Cloud environment to create new functionality that runs in conjunction with existing legacy systems offering a seamless migration to next gen functionality.

Encryption for HANA in the cloud
with Intel, Vormetric, and Virtustream [COIL Palo Alto, Nov 2014]

Used by enterprises for transactional data operations as well as for real-time analytics, SAP HANA stores and processes sensitive enterprise data. Encryption of the mission critical data managed by HANA becomes more and more critical for many of our customers, especially when HANA is deployed in the cloud and offered as a service. Working closely with Intel, Vormetric, and Virtustream, SAP Co-innovation Lab (COIL), with the help of our HANA product management team, HANA Enterprise Cloud team, and  many other SAP groups, has shown that with the recent AES-NI innovations in the Intel Xeon processor family and the Vormetric encryption software enhancements optimally exploiting AES NI, large data sets on SAP HANA can be encrypted or decrypted with virtually no performance overhead.

Check out Kevin Liu’s blog to get an overview of the project. Detail findings are available in a technical deep dive COIL whitepaper, and an Intel paper for a business summary.

SAP Customer Activity Repository Pilot on HANA
with SAP Retail Development and IBU [COIL Palo Alto, Oct 2014]

A retailer customer based in the US would like to work with SAP to look into deeper insights into their customers and sales by bringing all customer data together from various sources, including their ERP system, online stores, and social media sites. With this project, a pilot was conducted leveraging a landscape for CAR (Customer Activity Repository) deployed at COIL to analyze the strategic fit of this new solution to their customer centricity approach. Close collaboration among COIL, SAP Retail IBU, and the customer.

SAS/SAP HANA PoC with Schwan’s Food Company
with SAS [COIL Palo Alto, September 2014]

Business Challenges and Opportunities: Schwan’s Food Company uses SAP HANA and SAS Office Analytics for their segmentation, BI, and advanced analytics support;  Schwan’s wants to accelerate their marketing analytics capabilities by realizing almost real time analyses; Leveraging their data with SAS’s proprietary algorithms on SAP HANA In-Memory Platform, Schwan looks to reduce processing time resulting in gain in competitive advantage and start to incorporate more “Big Data” in form of digital, mobile and related E-commerce channels.

The objectives of the COIL project: Prove new SAS proprietary algorithms on SAP  HANA’s in-memory technology dramatically improves processing speed; Dramatic reduction in processing time, resulting in Schwan’s marketing efforts closer to real-time taking advantage of recent purchases of ‘like-minded’ buying customers in their respective clusters.

The scope of the project: Mimics existing processes and products in place at Schwan’s Home Service using only SAS on SAP HANA platform.

Vendavo Migration to HANA – Performance Validation & Customer Pilot Support
with Vendavo [COIL Palo Alto, July & December 2014]

Vendavo is a long time SAP partner. With this COIL project, the two companies working on porting Vendavo Price and Margin Management to run on HANA. The COIL focus is performance validation.

Current version of Vendavo PMM (Price and Margin Management) is a Java EE application that requires a relational database in production deployment. Two databases are supported – Oracle Enterprise Database and IBM DB2. Profit Analyzer, analytics module of PMM, uses Pricemart as an OLAP engine. Pricemart is an in-memory database developed by Vendavo.

After ported to HANA, Vendavo Profit Analyzer will connect to HANA using JDBC adapter, use HANA capabilities for analytics, and simplify ETL process required to load SAP ECC data.

SAP HANA HA Enterprise Storage Certification for Violin MemoryMarketing on SAP HANA

with Violin Memory [COIL Palo Alto, May 2014]

Violin, in combination with Fujitsu and COIL established a 2+1 HANA high availability environment to fully test and certify a Violin 6264 array according to SAP Certification Specifications HANA-HWC-ES 1.0.

Results:  All performance tests were exceeded.  All fail-over tests were successful.  Certification was obtained 27 May 2014.

Impact:  Violin 6200 Series arrays are now available for HANA HA environments and bring significant performance improvements in cache swapping and writing logs, delta changes and backups. 

HANA SP07 Re-qualification Tests with Hadoop Distributors: HortonWorks and Intel

with Intel, HortonWorks [COIL Palo Alto, March 2014]

In supporting the SAP premium qualification process and our Global Partner Organization, COIL conducted a set of functional smoke tests with Intel and HortonWorks from December 2013 to March 2014.  The COIL tests re-qualified Intel IDH 2.5.1 and HDP 1.3.2 with HANA SP7, and the re-qualification is mandatory for SAP to resell the partners’ solutions.

SAP Lumira Customer Workshops

with SAP Lumira Solution Management [COIL Palo Alto, March 2014]

Leveraging a landscape deployed at COIL, SAP Lumira solution management team worked with COIL to offer a set of workshops to drive customer adoption for SAP Lumira. The workshops provided customers with onsite hands-on experience of Lumira using customer datasets and use cases.

The first workshop offered at COIL Palo Alto facility attracted 30 participants representing 10 customers. At the end of the workshop, participants were able to confidently use large and complex datasets to create beautiful visualizations that help with interactive and structured storytelling and decision making.

In these  one-day hands-on workshops, customers worked with subject matter experts on their specific use cases, the agenda covers the following:

  • Installing and getting started with SAP Lumira software on their own laptop
  • Connecting data from single/different data sources and transforming data via calculations, manipulation, and aggregation
  • Analyzing data and sharing interactive visualizations using SAP Lumira, SAP Lumira Cloud, and SAP Lumira Server
  • Using SAP Lumira SDK to create custom charts and extensions and leveraging SAP Lumira Marketplace to leverage the community

Multilevel Marketing on SAP HANA by GERA

with GERA [COIL Brazil, March 2014]

GERA is a company specialized in offering solutions to direct sales and multi-level marketing. Together with SAP Co-Innovation Lab, GERA started a proof of concept to migrate their direct sales solution to the SAP HANA platform. In a five week based project, SAP HANA allowed GERA to rethink the performance vs. complexity tradeoff, obtaining performance gains of ~800x. Starting from this perspective of pure performance optimization, GERA also realized during the project that SAP HANA could enable not-yet-possible features to be included in their solution, attending specific customer needs such as “what-if” scenarios and real time evaluation of sales consultants performance within a sales campaign. Due to the accelerated learning curve and use of SAP HANA, GERA was invited to present their PoC during the Co-Innovation Forum in December 2013 at the SAP Labs Latin America.


with Robert Bosch Engg and Business Solutions [COIL Bangalore, November 2013]

Sales Prediction Powered by HANA and Predictive Analytics

SaPHAL is the next-generation forecasting tool powered by SAP HANA that will accurately predict Sales using complex algorithms that take into account a diversity of factors: Rainfall, Secondary Sales, Stock Coverage, Competitor information, Vendor Fulfillment as well as Past Sales History.

With the help of Predictive algorithms and through instant simulation of scenarios, the Sales Team and Product Managers will be able to respond quickly to market dynamics powering the entire supply chain.

This co-innovation solution was built as a part of the SAHANA India program in SAP Co-innovation Lab, Bangalore.

Key Benefits:

Accurate Sales forecasting enables better planning leading to

  • Quicker reaction to unachievable plan
  • More realistic Sourcing (purchasing)
  • Better Inventory management

Real time decision support for Marketing schemes, promotions

  • Co-relating past data on schemes and extrapolating to current environment
  • Simulation based on past schemes data


with vCentric Technologies Private Limited [COIL Bangalore, November 2013]

Leverage SAP HANA platform for enhancing operational efficiency in Logistics Industry

In Logistics and Transportation Business, delivery efficiency is the key for high customer satisfaction. Routes can be defined and optimized routes can be pre-planned using SAP standard Transportation Management or any other application. But the complexity comes when handling operational dynamics and quick decision making in order to achieve optimal fleet usage improve delivery efficiency.

LogiSwift is a packaged solution by vCentric for Logistics & Transportation industry, built in collaboration with SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Bangalore. LogiSwift aims towards enhancing operational efficiency in Logistics Industry and provides a real time solution for real time problems of the industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved visibility on the fleet
  • Quick and informed decision making
  • Avoid or minimize delays with optimal re-routing
  • Ontime delivery of shipments leading to customer satisfaction
  • Real-time/Near real-time solution
  • Effective resource utilization
  • Comprehensive, flexible, scalable and extensible solution

Connected Car - Analytics and Diagnostics

with KPIT Technologies [COIL Bangalore, November 2013]

Connected Car Analytics and Diagnostics application from KPIT built on SAP HANA addresses real time vehicle data processing to improve efficiency and trouble free running

The need for Connected Vehicles has been growing steadily with Fleet Owners, Dealers, Service Outlets and Customers demanding solutions that let them manage vehicles remotely. There is a huge volume of data that is generated due to the large number of data points per second per vehicle and the large number of vehicles in a fleet that needs to be collected and managed in real time. This co-innovation solution was built as a part of the SAHANA India program in SAP Co-innovation Lab, Bangalore.

This solution addresses this by using the HANA platform effectively to collect this data using the Sybase Event Stream Processor into the HANA system, processing it in real-time using complex algorithms to provide the relevant insights. It also enables integration with other systems like SAP Business Suite for added/end-to-end functionality.

Key Benefits:

  • Early fault detection, service and warranty management
  • Engine / Battery / Hybrid usage analytics
  • Implement better driving best practices
  • Efficient Fleet management


with Defiance Technologies Limited [COIL Bangalore, November 2013]

Move Contact Center business from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Contact center business generates huge data volumes on a regular basis across multiple geographical locations of operations. Quick and actionable data analysis in the present requires extensive manpower and large timeframe to provide partial insights, which by the time of application becomes irrelevant and outdated. These incomplete or often non-existent insights also results in lower up selling of products and services.

SMARTANA by Defiance Technologies presents a solution for these issues with smart analytics for contact centers. SMARTANA leverages SAP HANA - to aggregate huge volumes of data to provide real time analytics aiming to increase overall up sell revenue. It provides actionable insights like top selling products, the queries those product sales are associated with, and the effort required to sell such products.

The solution also provides summary of Business operations and resource utilization with 3 levels of data drill down for further analysis.

SMARTANA provides authorized access to reports which:

  • Are persona based.
  • User Friendly, visually appealing and comprehensible.
  • Provide actionable Operations-summary view of business .
  • Enable real time decision making based on facts and analysis through cost-impacting/revenue impacting and customer satisfaction KPIs.
  • Provide opportunities for higher upsell by providing Sales trends across geographies and process types, top selling products and associated queries and real time sales figures/trends.
  • Provide insights on Agent performance, Agent utilization and Average call Handling time.

Trendwise RealTAM – Easy access to TRP ratings

with Trendwise Analytics [COIL Bangalore, November 2013]

Trendwise RealTAM is a Big Data Analytics solution that provides real time TV Audience viewership information, trends & Predictions thereby providing actionable insights to Marketers, Broadcasters and Direct To Home (DTH) providers.

The present system of Television Audience measurement uses people meters, an ancient methodology of measuring Television audience viewership that can cover only few thousands of homes. This measurement is done manually and reports generated are based on the old recorded data which are inaccurate and obsolete. The solution, Trendwise RealTAM, built on state of the art SAP HANA real time data platform, in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, provides real time & accurate measure of viewership of television programs as it extracts the data from set-top boxes or directly from DTH Service providers.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides real time viewership information and analytics.
  • Captures feedback of the audiences about the programs they watch and offers sentiment analysis from social media platform.
  • Trends and predictions about future viewership.
  • Channel producers will have an insight into the profitability of the programs.
  • Advertisers can evaluate the effectiveness of their Ads aired on TV.
  • DTH service providers will be able to package the TV Channel offers in a way to get maximum return out of it.

HANA Enterprise Cloud - Cloud Frame/HANA Cloud Cell and Fabric Co-innovation

with Arista, NetApp, Intel, and Colfax [COIL Palo Alto, December 2013] projects/Projects2013_HEC_CloudFrame.gifWith this COIL project, SAP worked with Arista, NetApp, Colfax International and Intel to develop the underlying HANA systems technology for the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.  Key innovations explored at COIL include Cloud Frame, HANA Cloud Cell for HANA Enterprise Cloud, and next generation fabrics.

The work at COIL enabled the HANA Cloud Computing and Systems Engineering teams to achieve a series ground-breaking researches:

  • Engineer next gen cloud systems utilizing high speed interconnect fabrics, lower cost x86 Xeon compute, and service provider centric storage.
  • Explore new persistence models for In-memory computing
  • Explore cloud computing manageability frameworks for elastic, physical provisioning and management of high performance compute, network, and storage for large scale in-memory computing

HANA StartUp Focus Program with Apptimyze, Kinghtscope, 41ads, Trendicy, and Clevermap

with Apptimyze, Kinghtscope, 41ads, Trendicy, Clevermap [COIL Palo Alto, December 2013] projects/Projects2013_HANA_Startup_Focus_Program.gifLaunched in 2012 to support startups to develop new applications on SAP HANA, the SAP Startup Focus program is a joint initiative of SAP Technology and Innovation Marketing, TIP Chairman Projects, SAP HANA Product Management and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab.  COIL provides a solid infrastructure to make SAP HANA’s breakthrough capabilities easily available to the startup community for development.

In 2013, more startup participants of the program have their HANA showcases running at COIL Palo Alto, including Apptimyze, Kinghtscope, 41ads, Trendicy, Clevermap, et al.

HANA SP 7 development for Hadoop Big Data federation layer

with Intel [COIL Palo Alto, December 2013] projects/Projects2013_HANA_SP7_Dev_Hadoop_BigdataFederation_Intel.gif With this COIL project, Intel and SAP explore a joint engagement to integrate the Intel distribution of Apache Hadoop with SAP HANA and associated products in SAP portfolio, and bring to market a certified/optimized Big Data solution from SAP and Intel. The deliverable of this project is included in SAP HANA SP07.

OSIsoft PI Streaming Adapter for SAP ESP and HANA - Phase 1

with OSIsoft [COIL Palo Alto, December 2013] projects/Projects2013_OSIsoft_StreamingAdapter_for_SAP_ESP_Phase1.gif OSISoft wishes to extend their PI infrastructure to allow streaming sensor events captured by PI-managed sensors into SAP HANA via SAP Sybase ESP.  To that end, OSISoft and SAP plan to undertake a joint functional proof of concept where: a) OSISoft will build an adapter for their PI infrastructure to stream sensor events in to ESP using the ESP .NET SDK and b) SAP will configure ESP projects and HANA tables to capture, store and analyze the sensor events.  If the project is successful, OSISoft plans to deliver an ESP/HANA adapter in its product portfolio.

Phase 1 of this project focuses on SAP internal business alignment, integration architecture, design and planning. Phase 2 is planned for 2014 for the development and GTM of the adaptor.

FITCON Payment Calendar migration to HANA –  DB requests improved by 100 times

with Fitcon [COIL Moscow, November 2013] Fitcon, the first partner of COIL in Russia, presented their project based on HANA during the Co-Innovation Day in Moscow on the 30th of October. Fitcon has been a service partner of SAP for many years and created some solutions that are very well adapted to local market requirements. Not only growing data volume but also increasing customer requests for the flexibility and interactivity of analytical tools became a challenge for Fitcon, namely for their SAP based solution “Payment calendar”. In collaboration with COIL, Fitcon could start a project aimed at dramatically improving the performance of their solution, based on HANA as an analytical database (DB). For the data transfer from ERP to HANA, SLT server was used in the PoC. Already in the 1st phase of the project, the performance of the DB requests was improved by 100 times. “Knowledge that you get from doing a real PoC is absolutely different from theoretical knowledge, especially when we are talking about a new technology,” according to Fitcon, who shared their project experience during the Co-Innovation Day. “And, an expert support for the new technology during PoC was also quite useful.”

Read about the Co-Innovation Day and this project at this voice from the press.

Migrating Java Open-Source Application From ORACLE To SAP HANA

[COIL Shanghai, November 2013] COIL architect Weibin Yu developed a guide for migrating a sample Java open-source application from Oracle database to SAP HANA. This hands-on guide will help you understanding the differences and similarities of the databases and can serve as a guidance for planning your own migration.

Kaiser HANA POC - Enhance Management Information and Analysis

with Cisco [COIL Palo Alto, November 2013] projects/Projects2013_Kaiser_HANA_PoC.gif This PoC at COIL enabled Kaiser Permanente (KP) to partner with SAP on a significant initiative that will positively impact the quality of care that KP delivers to its members.  As the result, KP obtained technology and services from SAP to enhance its MIA (Management Information and Analysis) to provide a “Shared Service” for the Northern and Southern California regions.  This Shared Service will provide analytics for the Regional Presidents and their senior leaders across the Hospital/Health Plan continuum.  SAP solutions will help MIA leverage best practices to drive standardization, as well as consistency and efficiency in the access and use of information for strategic analysis.

Virtualized HANA with VMware

with VMware and HP [COIL Palo Alto, November 2013] projects/Projects2013_VirtualHANA_VMware.gifThis project showcases how joint SAP and VMware customers may deliver the maximum value when deploying HANA on the VMware vCloud Suite.  In order to realize the promises of the Software-Defined Data Center, network attached shared storage is a fundamental requirement. Configuring HANA on shared storage will enable many of the functional capabilities around automation, flexibility, and efficiency our SAP customers expect when deployed on the vCloud Suite. The capabilities showcased at COIL include vMotion, HA, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), Site Recovery Manager, and vCenter Operations Management.

VMware has chosen Hewlett Packard as the preferred server vendor to participate in the project.

SAP Hana Encryption With Vormetric, Virtustream, and Intel - Phase 1 feasibility check

with Intel, Vormetric, and Virtustream [COIL Palo Alto, November 2013] projects/Projects2013_HANA_Encryption_Phase1.gif This is an exploratory project to demonstrate how Vormetric and Virtustream, leveraging chip level capability from Intel Ivy Bridge processors can add further robustness to the native dB encryption functionality of SAP HANA. The solution will offer the following to our joint customers:

  • Provide an additional layer of security for Hana systems running in the cloud by encrypting the data and providing customers with the ability to manage the encryption keys and access to the data.
  • Encrypt persistent storage, logs and configurations
  • Maintain governance over keys, policies and data
  • Control data access from Enterprise and Cloud privileged users
  • Reduce threat surface available to APTs and Malware acting as “Insiders”
  • Gain data access security intelligence through audit and alert on data access
  • Ensure minimal performance overhead

HANA and Intel Hadoop Distribution Premium Qualification with SAP HANA SP6

with Intel [COIL Palo Alto, October 2013] projects/Projects2013_PremiumQualification_Hadoop_Intel.gif Enabled by a dedicated COIL landscape and engineering support, SAP Ecosystem and Channels group completed the Premium Qualification tests for Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop (IDH) 2.5.1 with SAP HANA SP6.  The Premium Qualification is a prerequisite for SAP to resell IDH as a Solution Extension to HANA.

Testing HANA C# driver for customer Allegro

with SAP HANA Team [COIL Palo Alto, October 2013] projects/Projects2013_Testing_HANA_Csharp_Driver_Allegro.gif With this project, COIL provided infrastructure and engineering support for the SAP TIP HANA team to validate HANA’s high throughput and other performance characteristics while addressing specific use cases for Allegro using SAP-provided C# driver for Windows. The deliverables of this PoC proved HANA’s capability to support customer specific applications on Windows platform.

Development of Red Hat OpenShift Cartridge for Sybase ASE

with Redhat [COIL Palo Alto, October 2013] projects/Projects2013_OpenShiftCartridge_for_SybaseASE_RedHat.gifSAP is looking to grow the ecosystem and achieve 10,000 partners by 2015. As a platform provider partner Red Hat is helping SAP with this goal, by tapping into the ecosystem and developer communities through OpenShift.

Also as part of the Oracle takeout strategy, the development of Red Hat OpenShift Cartridge for Sybase ASE provides a Platform as a Service environment for customers to build applications on ASE database on an easy to access on-demand platform.

Smart Network for HANA with Cisco and CA Technologies

with Cisco and CA Technologies [COIL Palo Alto, March 2013] projects/Projects2013_SmartNetworkForHANA_Cisco_CA.gif With HANA in-memory technology removes one of the traditional performance hurdles with database layer, network may become the next performance bottleneck in a comprehensive SAP environment.  This project showcases how to combine the best of the two worlds of application performance management and network performance management to provide our customers the best of breed solutions for monitoring the healthiness of their landscape. The integrated solution offers intelligences to enable our customers to take necessary corrective actions automatically or manually to avoid major downtime.

Revenue Intelligence 1.0 runs natively on SAP HANA – Certified via ICC on HANA Apps

with Choice [COIL Brazil, March 2013]

Choice Technologies released its Revenue Intelligence Portfolio 1.0 - energy-theft detection solution. It enables detection and recovery of revenue loss due to theft and fraud on power lines, meters, and from the non-payment of energy bills. Choice worked closely with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab to migrate their existing solution to natively run on SAP HANA. The solution now runs 1100+ times faster when run on SAP HANA, enabling the creation of new complex fraud detection scenarios that were previously not possible. Revenue Intelligence is now also certified via the SAP Integration and Certification Center as HANA-App, and Choice was selected as a SAP Pinnacle Award finalist under "SAP HANA® Application Innovator of the Year".

Further information can be found in the official SAP Press release (Portuguese only), as well as the certification announcement by Choice, and the SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist information from Choice & SAP.

Revenue Intelligence on SAP HANA
with Choice [COIL Brazil, December 2012]

Choice, a Brazilian company, has developed an application called Revenue Intelligence (RI), which enables detection and recovery of revenue loss due to theft and fraud on power lines, meters, and the non-payment of energy bills. Choice has committed to develop a version of RI that natively runs on HANA, working closely with Co-Innovation Lab. Current benchmarks of the first development phase indicate that the solution on HANA runs a thousand times faster than without SAP HANA.

Harness  Big Data Insights with Hadoop, SAP HANA, and SAP Data Services
with IBM and Cloudera [COIL PALO ALTO, December 2012] projects/Projects2012_HANA Hadoop IBM Cloudera.gif Almost every company today is faced with managing vast amounts of data from a variety of data sources – from traditional databases managing transactional data generated by business applications to enterprise data warehouses that facilitate deep analysis to Hadoop distributed file systems that store large volumes of mostly unstructured data that can be mined for new insights. The challenge for IT organizations is how to access and integrate relevant data for
deeper insight.
With this project, SAP, IBM, and Cloudera teamed up at COIL to explore how IT organizations can use solutions from SAP and our partners to harness the value of large volumes of data stored in Hadoop, identify salient entities from unstructured textual data, and combine it with structured data in SAP HANA to
leverage meaningful information in real-time. The findings are made available in a recorded demo and a COIL whitepaper.

Enable Online HANA Learning Environment with Citrix XenApp
with Citrix [COIL PALO ALTO, December 2012] projects/Projects2012_Online HANA Learning w Citrix XenApp.gif As HANA is gaining more and more traction among our customers, partners, and developer communities, SAP strives to provide easy HANA access to help them adopt this new in-memory computing solution. One of these efforts is to provide an online HANA development environment that are available to thousands of developers worldwide for trying, learning, and experiencing SAP HANA. This online environment demands solid infrastructure for on-demand application scheduling and delivery.  With this COIL project, SAP HANA solution marketing team worked closed with our partner Citrix to address a key technical challenge of provisioning on-demand application delivery using Citrix XenApp.  The team built a prototype XenApp infrastructure at COIL and validated the key solutions before rolled it out to a larger development project.

Infrastructure support for SAP HANA Startup Focus Program – Phase 1
with AlertEnterprise, NextPrinciples, Zettaset, Think Passenger, Opera Solutions, Ankhor, FanAppz [COIL Palo Alto, September 2012] projects/Projects2012_HANA_Startup_Phase1.gif Launched in 2012 to support startups to develop new applications on SAP HANA, the SAP Startup Focus program is a joint initiative of SAP Technology and Innovation Marketing, TIP Chairman Projects, SAP HANA Product Management and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab.  COIL provides a solid infrastructure to make SAP HANA’s breakthrough capabilities easily available to the startup community for development.  Seven startup participants of the program have their HANA showcases running at COIL Palo Alto, including AlertEnterprise, NextPrinciples, Zettaset, Think Passenger, Opera Solutions, Ankhor, FanAppz, et al.

PoC for OSIsoft and SAP HANA Integration
with OSISoft [COIL Palo Alto, June 2012] projects/Projects2012_OSISoft_HANA_Integration.gif With this COIL project, OSIsoft and SAP worked together to create a proof of concept application to automatically aggregate and push time-series manufacturing and process data into SAP HANA. Once in HANA, the data can be consumed by analytical and reporting tools such as SAP EERM or SAP
BusinessObjects BI platform.  OSIsoft is a COIL member since 2009, and the OSIsoft PI system deployed at COIL has over 2 years historical data tracking the energy usage of COIL data center and the power offset by the building’s solar arrays. This data was used to demonstrate the technical capabilities and business values of the integrated solution.

SAP HANA Center of Excellence Switzerland - powered by COIL
with SAP Switzerland [COIL Switzerland, May 2012] In cooperation with COIL and hardware partners Cisco und NetApp the SAP HANA Center of Excellence Schweiz has set up a special lab. The new HANA Lab performs proof of concepts for projects around SAP's software appliance, but in addition develops customer-specific demo scenarios or executes development tasks. In addition COIL will use the HANA lab in collaboration with Cisco and NetApp to enable more partner solutions based on HANA (first example GK Software AG -  First POS solution based on HANA presented at SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012). Read more about this at SAP im Dialog (German only).

SAP HANA solution PoC with Vistex
with Vistex and IBM [COIL Palo Alto, December 2011] SAP partner Vistex as a domain expert of complex business processes teamed up with IBM to build a PoC at COIL that demonstrates the significant performance improvement via running Vistex real-time profitability analytics on SAP HANA and IBM hardware. The team targeted two major use cases running on HANA: Gross-to-Net Profitability analysis and Pricing. In the gross-to-net analytics case, the PoC demonstrated significant results by performing the analysis 100x faster with HANA compared to a traditional Data Warehouse. While supporting large volume of online sales order processing transactions, the HANA enabled ERP and BI system is able to process reports of 20 Million records in less than 3 seconds. In the pricing case, the team reduced the processing time for more than half compared to traditional way.

Besides various other occasions the first solution PoC was showcased at SAPPHIRENOW EMEA 2011 in Madrid. Now, the project parties published a whitepaper to share with you this unique co-innovation experience. Please read as well about the great co-innovation experience in Kevin Liu's blog.

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