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SAP Transportation Management

TM 9.0 feature in FU building: Explode default route indicator

With TM is is possible to define default routes.

A default route defines the sequence of stops for a given source/destination location combination.

So far the default routes could be manually exploded in a FU.

Sometimes the route is known even without doing any planning as it is always the same and known in advance.

However an automatic explosion of a default route when creating a FU was not possible.

Based on some customer feedback we have introduced therefore a new feature in the FU building rule.

The indicator in the FU building rule is called 'apply default route'.

In case this indicator is set the system checks at point of FU creation, if a default route exists for the given source & destination location.

In case a default route is found it will automatically be exploded.

This feature works greatly based on ERP orders & deliveries and as well based on forwarding orders.

In addition for FWOs a default route can also be exploded automaticall in case intermediate stops are inserted manually and the source/destination location combination of a stage matches a default route.

The beauty of the new feature is, that a routing without doing any planning can be done.

How does that work in real in the system?

1. First of all a default route is required, which defines the sequence of stops.

2. In the freight building rule, that will be used when creating a FU, the indicator 'Apply Default Route' has to be set.

3. Now, if for instance if a sales order is created the default route will be exploded automatically. In below screenshot you can see the integrated sales order scheduling while creating a sales order with the (optional) popup with the TM transportation proposal.

You can see in the lo, that the default route was exploded.

4. After saving the sales order in ERP, the OTR in TM can be seen.

5. If you navigate down to the stages tab of the FU, you can see, that (without doing any planning) the deafult route is exploded.