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New feature in TM 9.0: Take shipping type from sales order into account in TM planning

With TM 9.0 it is possible to add further constraints to the optimizer planning & transportation proposal.

These constraints can be added manually (e.g. in the transportation proposal) for instance the carriers or locations that should be used.

However constraints may also be handed over to the FU based on the transportation demand (FWO, DTR, OTR).

This new feature can perfectly be used in combination with ERP sales orders.

In a sales order the shipping type (e.g. air, ocean, rail, ...) can be defined.

This information will be handed over to TM (both at point of sales order scheduling or once the sales order is saved).

The shipping type can then be used in an interactive transportation proposal or during the optimizer run.

The advantage of this featuer is, that based on the shipping type in ERP different routing proposals (and also delivery times) can be evaluated and used as constraint for planning.

How does that work:

1. In the example the transportation network is setup in a way that the routing from a shipping point to a customer may use two different route options.

One is using air transportation one is using ocean transportation (of course in both cases with pre-, main- and on-carriage).

Of course the network may also be more complex.

2. Once a sales order is entered (delivery from a plant (shipping point) to the customer) also the shipping type in the item details is defined.

In this example 'ocean' transportation is used. The sales order is saved and automatically transferred to TM.

3. Now the FU (representing the transportation demand) is used to do a transportation proposal:

4. The result of the proposal is, that only route alternatives using 'sea' transportation as main transportation mode is taken into account.

5. If in the sales order shipping type 'air' is used,

6. The transportation proposal looks very simillar. However only route options using 'air' as main mode of transport are taken into account.