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New feature for Delivery Integration in TM 9.0 : Delivery Split based on TM Planning Result

There is a new function in TM 9.0 available, which is called delivery split.

The function is about splitting deliveries in ERP based on the planning result in TM.

This a feature which is very importatnt for shippers as very often there are incompatible items, that have to be planned in different freight orders (e.g. based on incompatabilities defined in the optimizer). For instance if the items of the sales order have different length and therefore different trucks are required.

This feature is available as of TM 9.0 in combination with ECC6.05 as of SP09 or ECC6.06 as of SP04 .

Here an example how the process works:

There is one sales order created with two line items (the freight unit building rule is setup in a way, that for each line item a separate FU is created).

Planning takes place based on deliveries, so for the sales order also the delivery is created (the relationship sales order to delivery is 1:1).

Planning (Prior to save):

The FU are assigned to different freight orders (e.g. due to defined incompatabilities). Prior to saving the result the referenced delivery number in the freight unit is still the same for both FUs.

Whiles saving the planning result a delivery split is triggered in ERP. After refresh of the transporation cockpit this can be seen as there is now a new delivery number referenced to the second FU.

The document Flow in TM looks like follows:

In ERP the sales order now has a reference to two deliveries:

In addition also the TM document flow can be accessed in the ERP sales order (this is also new with TM 9.0 and upmentioned ERP prerequisites):