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SAP Business Workflow

Workflow Background Jobs Description

WF-BATCH is a background system user which should have SAP_ALL authorization in order to avoid authorization issues. All background activities related to workflow are executed using this user id.

Please ensure you maintain the same password for WF-BATCH in SU01 and SWU3

Why do we need these background jobs for workflow:

Job SWWCLEAR is a background job for the cleanup activity. It deletes old job logs from other workflow background jobs on a cross-client level.

Job SWWDHEX is responsible in the workflow for deadline monitoring. 
The job is automatically scheduled by transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING

Job SWWERRE is for monitoring and special treatment for background work items that could not be executed initially because of a temporary error in the underlying object method i.e. SWU3 -> Expand maintain runtime environment -> Schedule Background Job for Work Items with Errors

Job SWFSLSDLEX of Schedule Background Job for Deadline Monitoring checks whether new deadlines were met since the last run i.e. it is for deadline monitoring.

Job SWWCOND is the background job for checking the conditions for the work item start and work item end. To check the condition, the background job must read each work item and evaluate the corresponding conditions.

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