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WKS: Paranoia Check


To make sure we discover problems early we do some extra checks in our development systems to discover like inconsistency problems early.

You can use this extra paranoia check also in your development system, e.g. if you perform custom developments and want some extra checks.

To activate the check you can use a so called checkpoint group.

The assertion group is in this case defined by us and it's name is /SCMTMS/TOR_FATAL.

To activate it use the transaction SAAB.

Enter /SCMTMS/TOR_FATAL then into the field checkpoint group - Name and press the activation button:

In the second window Set the Assertions to ABORT and press save

Select the duration for the activation then.

As a result the system will dump if inconsistencies are detected, so the problem can be identified as early as possible.

The checks are done in TOR-based objects.

BUT: we do not check EVERYTHING, so this helps, but does not remove your responsibility for make proper enhancements.

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