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Using the Talent Management Search with Enhancement Package 6


Using theTalent Management Search with Enhancement Package 6

As part of SAP’s Talent Management for ERP the enterprise search was introduced with the delivery of Enhancement

Package 4. With the initial shipment the HCM related enterprise search content was restricted to Talent Management

only under software component EA-HRGXX. With Enhancement Package 6, however, there is many more enterprise

search content available under the mentioned software component EA-HRGXX that needs to be handled separately.

Furthermore the search UI has been enriched as well as the available search fields for the standard search requests.

This document will provide a short overview about how to deal with the latest search content and the preparation of

the enterprise search for Talent Management since Enhancement Package 6.

Indexing of Talent Management related search content

Due to the restriction of Talent Management related enterprise search content under software component EA-HRGXX, the initial TREX indexing was commonly triggered by using the program ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC with the parameters as shown in the picture below.

Starting with the ERP Enhancement Package 6 the software component EA-HRGXX includes a lot of HCM related

enterprise search content in addition. Most of this content will be used in the context of BI and needs to be prepared

independently in order to be indexed correctly. For that reason it will be required to index the basic content for Talent

Management separately to avoid TREX extraction issues that might happen if all content under software component

EA-HRGXX will be indexed altogether. Following this approach you need to use the Enterprise Search Cockpit that

can be started via transaction ESH_COCKPIT. Within the cockpit you can run the creation of the enterprise search

connectors and the subsequent indexing via Create button that will initiate a dialog window for choosing the enterprise search connectors that shall be created. Here you can use the STRG key for selecting several connectors in one turn. The screenshot below shows the dialog for choosing the enterprise search connectors. The connectors will be created as soon as the Create Connector button will be released. The initial TREX indexing can be started directly once the connectors have been created.

For Talent Management it will be required to index all connector names starting with the term HRTMC. Overall there are 32 enterprise search connectors under the software component EA-HRGXX with the prefix HRTMC. Just select all of them using the Enterprise Search Cockpit in order to deal with the full functional scope within the Talent Management application suite.

Working with the new search interface

With the release of Enhancement Package 6 the User Interface (UI) for searching talents has been enriched with a new result list and additional result fields as well. When running the search UI under Enhancement Package 6 for the first time you will notice first of all the new result list. The new list is using the so-called ABAP List Viewer (ALV) for rendering the search results. Among others it allows each user to determine which particular fields shall be offered as part of the result list. The personalization dialog can be started by simply clicking the small wrench icon in the toolbar section as illustrated in the screenshot below.

The ALV personalization dialog offers all fields that are available to be rendered as column within the result list. In this way each user will be able to define which result data are essential when running a search request. Beside the definition of concrete fields the ALV allows to personalize filter settings, sorting and general display settings as the number of visible rows. The screenshot below shows the personalization dialog.

Two of the available result fields are completely new – the talent grid and the picture. The information of the grid reflects the talent assignment from performance/potential matrix. The picture is similar to the photo that is linked to the transaction PA30 for maintaining HR master data. A full blown result list that includes the talent grid and the according picture are shown in the screenshot below.

As soon as a single user has been applied a certain kind of personalization to the result list it will be available until this user will update the personalization again. In each case it will over-define the default result list for this user delivered with SAP’s default delivery. In combination with the new fields for the talent grid and the picture, another stage of flexibility for using the search in Talent Management will be provided.

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