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SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Orchestration Trial in Public Cloud - Getting Started


Please take a look here, at the latest trial solutions:

You can now create your own SAP Process Orchestration environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

Thank you for your interest in evaluating SAP Process Orchestration. As announced at SAPPHIRE NOW and TechEd in Madrid, we are now ready for the next step: the SAP Process Orchestration team is offering you a free trial license.

This is a step by step info to help you through the sign-up process and get you connected to your trial environment.

Check this blog for details on what's included.

Please note:

SAP is not charging you anything for the trial license, but you will be responsible for operating your own AWS account.

How to get your SAP Process Orchestration environment started


1/ An SCN user - if you don't have one yet, you can register free of charge here.

2/ An AWS account - if you don't have one yet, you can register here: (click "Sign Up"). Have your credit card handy.

Step 1 – Go to SAP Process Orchestration Developer Center
Direct link to SAP Process Orchestration Developer Center > 1st download
Or navigate: > Developer Center > Application Platform > SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

Step 2 – Personal details

Add your personal data when prompted

Step 3 – Add your Amazon Web Services account

Enter your 12 digit AWS Account ID. It can be found from My Account page in the AWS Management Console

Step 4 – Read and accept License Agreement

Step 5 – Log in to your AWS account

Step 6 - Start your instance and have fun!
OS access credentials: c73adm/Abcd1234
AS Java credentials: Administrator/Abcd1234

Next steps are explained in the following blog:

Launching your instance via AWS CloudFormation

How to monitor and control your AWS costs

You will be responsible for operating your AWS account and you will have to pay for the hosting costs. In order to control your costs, we suggest you stop your instance when you are not using it. Starting your instance just takes a few minutes, so you can fire it up when you need it. To stop your instance, find it in the AWS console, right click the instance and choose "Stop" from the context menu. To start it again, choose "Start" from the same context menu.

Please note that AWS also charges you very little for stopped instances - if you want to stop using your SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration instance on AWS, and you don't want to pay any more monthly bills, make sure to terminate your instance. It will then be permanently deleted. To terminate your instance, choose "Terminate" from the context menu.

AWS also provides tools to monitor your usage, so there are no surprises when you get your monthly bill - from your "My Account / Console" menu on the top right corner of the screen on, choose "Account Activity" and you will see your activity for the current month.

External Connectivity

Amazon VPC provides customers with several options for interconnecting their AWS virtual networks with other remote networks. This whitepaper describes several such common network connectivity options available to our customers. This includes connectivity options for integrating remote customer networks with Amazon VPC as well as interconnecting multiple Amazon VPCs into a contiguous virtual network. Download whitepaper.

Getting help

The SAP Process Orchestration Developer License is free of charge (except your hosting cost on AWS), but comes without SAP product support. In case you any questions, please seek help on the Process Orchestration discussion forum. Please make sure to first check if there are ongoing discussions on this topic and join the conversation there rather than creating a new discussion.

SAP Value Prototyping team is offering cloud solution services based on time under Statement of Work too. Should you wish to use these services, please contact Kiril R. Kirov for more details.

Next steps

At the end of the trial period, you will be able to request an extension via a simple self-service:

When your trial is over please contact your SAP Account Executive or apply for license via Service Market Place (S-user required):

More instructions on download from SMP and installation steps in this blog: Download and Installation of Process Orchestration 7.31

SAP Process Orchestration combines the power of SAP Business Process Management, SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Rules Management into one integrated offering. The solution provides all components your organization needs to quickly automate and optimize business processes - from simple workflows to integrated processes that span applications, geographies, and organizational boundaries.

Read the introduction to SAP Process Orchestration.


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