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SUM 1.0 SP06 - what does it mean for IBM i customers?


With Software Update Manager (SUM) 1.0, SAP provides a unified tool for software logistics processes. Being a release independent successor of SAP's enhancement package installers and upgrade tools, it is designed to cover more and more processes that formerly were performed by dedicated tools. Examples are release upgrade, enhancement package installation, import of support package stacks and more.

It is important to notice that, except from Support Package Manager (SPAM), SUM will be the only supported tool for every scenario it is released for. Which scenarios are supported by a certain version of SUM can be told from the respective central SUM note, which is pointed to from the most current version of SAP Note 1563579 - Central Release Note for Software Logistics Toolset 1.0.

This document wants to make you aware of some facts and their implications particularly for SAP on IBM i customers, which you should take into account when planning for the processes executed with SUM:


  • Starting with SUM 1.0 SP06, the following requirements for the SAP system before start of the logistic process will take effect:
    • For every SAP system based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x the 7.20 downward compatible kernel must be used. For several reasons, it is also recommended that you configure your system for kernel replication with sapcpe.
    • For every SAP system based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x the new user concept must be implemented.
    • If the system runs a Java stack with Partner JDK 1.4.2, this JDK has to be replaced by SAP JVM 4 accordingly
  • It is a direct consequence of the release strategy for SL TOOLSET 1.0 that version SUM 1.0 SP05, which still can technically support systems with older kernel releases ,and with IBM JVMs, and the old user concept will not be available after some point in time about July 2013. This implies that the above requirements will be mandatory for every process supported by SUM 1.0 SP06 and higher.

Implications, background and some details

Every precondition of the above list needs planning and, depending on the kind of the system, may result in significant downtime:

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