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Get your own SAP HANA, developer edition on PT


The registration system for PT's SAP HANA has expired.

Existing users will not be affected, but no new registrations are available.

For the latest developer editions of HANA, please visit the SAP HANA Developer Edition List.


1. Register in SCN Here

2. Subscribe Your  HANA Instance Here

3. Get a free HANA Developer Edition Here

PT's SAP HANA - Developer Edition

Quickly create your own SAP HANA, developer edition environment on Portugal Telecom’s Cloud from 159,95€/month (24/7 Availability).

SAP HANA, developer edition in PT provides easy and immediate access to a configured SAP HANA development platform, certified by SAP and guaranteed by PT's Cloud infrastructure.

The service fee is prepaid by credit card and can be renewed monthly with no extra costs at the end of the month (service price from 159,95€/month and 24/7 instance availability).

SAP HANA - Developer edition is for developers looking for a fast and reliable way to try the SAP in-memory computing technology (IMDBMS – In Memory Database Management System). Use this solution to create your own application and to experiment building a data model in SAP HANA in a non-production environment.

The solution is available in two configurations based on the preconfigured SAP HANA Platform Edition:




RAM Memory20GB32GB
Disk Space200GB300GB
Public IP1 Available1 Available

How to create your SAP HANA, developer edition environment


Have an SCN user - if you don't have one yet, you can register free of charge here.

Make sure to be logged in before starting the following steps.

Part 1 - Accept the SAP Developer License Agreement on SCN

Checked all the prerequisites? Creating your own SAP HANA server on PT is a simple and fast process and should take you no longer than about 10 minutes. As the system uses a prepaid model for purchase, please have your credit card information at hand.

  1. Start here. Complete the required profile data and click the "Next" button.
  2. Enter your desired PT user name (a valid email address) and click the "Next" button
  3. Confirm your data by clicking the "Confirm" button
  4. Read the license agreement carefully and, if you agree, click the "Accept" button.
  5. You're done with the SCN part and you will receive an email with more information on how to activate your instance on PT.

Part 2 - Purchase your SAP HANA, developer edition instance on PT

  1. Follow the activation link on email you received and enter your credentials. If you received any promotional code please use it here.
  2. Enter you basic subscriber information in step one and click “Next”.
  3. Select the instance type that is most suited to your needs, check the billing information and click “Next”.
  4. Input your payment information into the secure payment website and confirm the operation. After credit card validation you will receive a success message and your instance information.

Part 3 - Download and install SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Client

You can now download SAP HANA Studio, developer edition and SAP HANA Client, developer edition.

  • Make sure you are logged in to SCN.
  • Accept the License Agreement (again, make sure to read it carefully, even though you already know it) and start the download by selecting the archive you want to download and clicking the "I Agree - Download selected file" button.
  • Once the archive is completely downloaded, unpack it and run hdbsetup.exe installers.

Part 4 - Connect to your HANA server on PT's Cloud

  • Open SAP HANA Studio and select either the Administration Console or Modeler perspective.
  • In the Navigator Panel, right-click the empty space and choose "Add System..." from the context menu.
  • On the popup, enter:
    • Your IP as host name
    • System Number (“00”)
    • A name for your HANA server as Description
  • Click "Next". On the next screen, enter:
    • Provided SAP HANA username
    • Provided SAP HANA password. You can change the default password later from HANA Studio.
  • Click "Finish", wait to the system connection to appear in you Navigator panel with a green status icon and you are officially done!

Part 5 - Connect as system administrator to SAP HANA server on PT

After first operating system login, we strongly recommend that you change the root password and the hdbadm passwords. To do that you can use the following steps and run the following commands.

IMPORTANT: We can’t reset the passwords, to not interrupt your access to the platform, please keep the passwords in a safe place.

To connect to your PT Operating System you can install and use one ssh client and configure one new connection to the Public IP that we have communicate and use the standard TCP/IP door.

  • For changing root password, connect via ssh with any ssh client (such putty) to your HANA server. After login with root, with provided root password do:
    • passwd (the system will prompt for new root password)
    • passwd hdbadm (to change password of user hdbadm)
  • To change SYSTEM password in HANA Studio:
    • In studio follow in Navigator tree: HDB > Authorization > Users
    • Double-click SYSTEM user
    • In the new opened window for SYSTEM user click on “Lock” Button on the right top
    • Enter new password
    • IMPORTANT: After change your SYSTEM database password you must change the password in your HANA Studio connection to your PT SAP HANA One server.

Part 6 – To start or stop database server on PT

The initial password of user hdbadm was send to you in the subscription confirmation email with others credentials.

To restart the database without restarting the entire Linux instance, you can login or switch to user hdbadm in OS level and perform stop and start operations using the following commands

if you didn’t login with hdbadm you can switch to hdbadm user

  • su – hdbadm

when you login with hdbadm you can use the command:

  • ./HDB stop: Command to stop HANA DB
  • ./HDB start: Command to start HANA DB

Where to get help

If you read your license agreement carefully, you know that the SAP HANA Developer License is free of charge (except for your hosting fee on PT), but comes without SAP product support. In case you have any questions, please (1) check our FAQ, (2) seek help on our discussion forum.

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