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Sizing and Deploying SAP BI 4 and SAP Lumira


Size Matters

Properly deploying your SAP BusinessObjects BI4 or SAP Lumira landscape involves more than punching some numbers into a calculator and installing the right number of servers.  Approaching this from a BI systems perspective means understanding how your BI system works and making intelligent decisions to ensure good system performance and stability.

This site contains resources to help you properly size and deploy SAP BusinessObjects BI4 and SAP Lumira in both production and non-production scenarios.  It is important to remember that these resources are not replacements for other existing documentation such as the Installation and Administration Guides where they provide additional information based on generally accepted best practices, internal lab tests, and customer feedback.

These resources are not a replacement for a proper sizing exercise performed by an expert BI consulting architect that can glean the nuances of your particular landscape from discussions with your stakeholders and combine that information with the resources here and his or her own personal learnings.

Primary Sizing and Deployment Resources for SAP Lumira

Sizing HANA applications is a very new type of activity. Following the sizing guide is very important for a successful deployment.

Primary Sizing and Deployment Resources for SAP BI 4

Every deployment requires a sizing exercise.  It is critical to fully read and understand the SAP BI 4 Sizing Companion Guide before using SAP BI 4 Sizing Estimator tool.  Without properly understanding this material, the outputs of the tool will be invalid.

Performance Tips

Apache Split
Reduce back-end load and Improve the User Experience by 'splitting' Web content delivery: Team-up Apache and Tomcat, having them each do what they do best. Apache serves up the static content and does compression natively while Tomcat runs the Web apps. Multiple articles:

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