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Simple Trigger mechanism example on HANA to do run time Analytics.

Step1. First create two tables:

1.City contains (location id, city name, country, population) fields.
2.Country contains (Country, population) fields.

Step2. Create a procedure which first delete all the entries of country table and then update country table with the sum of population

       CREATE PROCEDURE "P1634712998".TESTPR04

       ( ) as


       DELETE FROM "P1634712998"."COUNTRY";


             from "P1634712998"."CITY" GROUP BY "COUNTRY" INTO      "P1634712998"."COUNTRY";

       end ;

Step3. Create a trigger and call the procedure in the trigger. Trigger fires each time when data is insert into city table its automatic update country table.

      CREATE TRIGGER "P1634712998".demo1                  

      AFTER INSERT On "P1634712998"."CITY" 

      REFERENCING  NEW ROW NEW for each row   


      CALL "P1634712998"."TESTPR04";


Now each time when you insert data into city table country table will automatically update countries wise with sum of population.