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Steps to reset the HANA SYSTEM user password


UPDATE: Section 3.1.4 Resetting the SYSTEM User's Password in the admin guide for SP7 discusses how to do this:

Props to Former Member for his video. Thought I'd create a searchable document to outline this process.

Reset HANA SYSTEM user password

  • SSH to the HANA system and login as root
  • SU to the <sid>adm user
    • su – anaadm
  • Identify running HANA services
    • ps aux | grep anaadm
  • Stop the HANA server
    • ./HDB stop
  • Verify services are no longer running
    • ps aux | grep anaadm
  • Start the name server service – this may not get back to a prompt
    • hdbnameserver &
  • Start index server. Run command even though may not be at a prompt.
    • hdbindexserver –console
  • Reset password for user SYSTEM
  • Stop hdbindexserver service by hitting Ctrl-C
  • Kill hdbnameserver service
    • killall -9 hdbnameserver
  • Verify all HDB services are stopped
    • ps aux | grep anaadm
  • Start HANA
    • ./HDB start
  • Verify HANA services are running
    • ps aux | grep anaadm
  • Update password in HANA studio
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