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SAPscript/Smartform(=SF) LOGO


In SAPscript we used the INCLUDE command for including a LOGO into the SAPscript printing.

/: INCLUDE -is the SAPscript command.

Smart Forms doesn't support the SAPscript commands.

Some information regarding the text includes you can find in the note 485733.

Smart Forms takes the graphic only from Business Document Service (=BDS).

To print your graphic LOGO you need to add to the IL SF a graphic object. In this object you define where you put the logo in your system files and what the graphic type of the LOGO is.

The graphic objects should be added right after the object with the INCLUDE command.

You can copy the IL SF to your SF and do the change or you can repair the IL SF.

IL Localization cannot do this action as a generic action for our entire customers since each customer has his own LOGO and could save it as different types of graphic.

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