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Where to find IL Localization menus in Add-On solution? What are their technical names?


As it is written in Note 1340713 - there are new menus for the Add-On Localization solution - you cannot use the old menu from the transport solution (/ATL/LM00) any more.

As it is explained in note 1340713 under section VII: 

IMG Activities can be found in system under menu named: Israel.

Menus for the Israeli transactions can be found in system as follow:

  1. For LOCILERP Add-On - Under menu named : /ILE/IL_ANNEXING.
  2. For the Israeli part in the C-CEE Add-On - Under menu named:    /ATL/ISRAEL.

Meaning - the menus /ILE/IL_ANNEXING and /ATL/ISRAEL containing the running transactions. All IMG Activities are in SPRO menus and you can find them under Israel menu that was created for the IL Localization as well.

Israel transaction menus can be found in SE43 transaction.

IMG menus can be found in 2 ways:

  1. Run the IMG (Transaction SPRO + F5) than search for Israel - You will get a popup with all the relevant results. (It takes some minutes but the system finding all the relevant activities)
  2. Run transaction SIMGH and search for structure with name Israel. You will get a popup with all the structures. The 2 main structures are: "Israel" for C-CEE Add-On activities and "Israel (IL)" for LOCILERP Add-On activities.

You can find visual explanation about the menus in the attached file. 

IL_menues.jpg (74426 B)

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