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SAP Workforce Performance Builder - Software for Teaching and Research


SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) is an advanced end-user training which supports the rollout, upgrade and operation of enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, and SCM systems.

WPB automatically creates documentation, classroom training presentations, e-learning materials, online help and translates all of it into more than 40 languages at the click of a button.


SAP offers content development software free of charge for SAP University Alliances Program member professors. This includes the authoring tool, “Producer,” which allows you to create your content and makes it easily accessible to your students.

There is a suggested pre-requisite training for using the software which will give you the skills you need to work independently with our tool. Please contact
Thomas Pöhler to inquire on the training schedule. SAP University Alliances Program member professors can download SAP WPB.

**Please Note

The usage of WPB via the University Alliances Program is only for learning purposes of the students. If a University wants to use WPB commercially and/or to support their productive systems they have to purchase WPB.

For questions and training inquiries, please contact:

Thomas Pöhler

T +49 30 41092-867

Former Member