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    从增强包5以来全球化服务团队推出了符合中国财务习惯的会计凭证打印功能, 在财务用户新界面的产品中继续集成这一功能。我们的PDF格式只是一个模板,客户可以通过以下介绍的方法自定义自己需要的凭证打印模板。

In case users want to re-size the form for their requests, please check the instruction below.

  • Execute T-code: SFP and input the form name.

  • Access the form in change mode and go to the layout tab.

  • Select ‘Page1’ and set the paper type to decide the paper type on which the form will be printed

( each form has a ‘Master Pages’ object to decide the paper for form printing )


  • After you change the paper type, the form lay-out will be changed.

The comparison of the paper type between B5 and A5


  • If the form should be re-size for keep the accordance with the paper. Click the form object and go to ‘Layout’ tab.

  • Change the height and width accordingly.

  • Modify the elements manually according to your requests then active the form.

( After your re-sizing the form, the elements will not be modified, you must modify them by yourself )