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LoB & Industries Blog Collection: SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid 2012


This document serves as a library of all content representing SAP’s Line of Business and Industries topics online for SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid 2012. Follow this document to stay up to date.


SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid BlogQuest: “What’s My Line?” vs “Captain of Industries”

Guido’s Guide to LoB Campus Highlights at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid

Can I Please "LoB" a Few More Details Into Your SAPPHIRE NOW Agenda?

SAPPHIRE NOW’s Industry & LoB Campus Runs 24/11



What's up for Chemicals at Sapphire Now ?

Discrete Manufacturing

What does SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 have in common with Madrid?

Circle the bases with SAP

When visualization meets the business

Top 10 Reasons for an Industrial Manufacturer to Attend SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid

Is R&D and Engineering your daily business? Is it your job to optimize manufacturing processes? At SAPPHIRE NOW, find out how customers from Discrete Industries benefit from SAP’s solutions!

Manufacturing Operations Excellence; Learn how manufacturers can achieve this in challenging times @ SAPPHIRE NOW at Madrid

Think Inside the Box to Run Like Never Before

A picture is worth a thousand words? Witness the benefits at SAPPHIRE NOW

Batman's Utility Belt

What is 3d visualization doing in business?

The Road of Business Life

Are Manufacturers Ready for Shop Floor Modernization?

Do you purchase a lot of raw materials, sub-assemblies, component parts, & MRO items?

Seeing is believing, the power of visualization

How Visualization will change the way people see SAP Solutions?  Visit SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid and find out!

Last minute High Tech recommendations for SAPPHIRE in Madrid

Manufacturing Industry Highlights at SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid

Engineering, Construction & Operations

Why I know leading EC&O Industry companies will attend SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid...?


Financial Excellence at SapphireNOW Madrid

Manufacturing (Industrial Energy Solutions)

What a Hoot – Owls Are Wise To Energy Management.

To B or to B Flat?  Learn Enery Management Secrets (Long Known by Vuvuzela Enthusiasts) at SapphireNOW Madrid

Rhythm Redemption:  Energy Insights from A Reformed Art Thief

Do You Have the Guts to Scoop Out Energy Savings?  Stunning Similarities Between Pumpkins and Energy Management Programs

MY Data is Bigger than YOUR Data


SAP at Sapphire Madrid - Helping media companies thrive in the age of the connected consumer


RDS Procurement Solution: Implementation in Just 60 Minutes

Process Manufacturing

SAP makes your breakfast tastier and your car run faster…

Professional Services

Hear and See How Professional Services Firms Can Run Better – at SAPPHIRE NOW Conference

Sneak Preview Demo of SAP Commercial Project Management


Sales, Service and Marketing

Introducing SAP 360 Customer: New Solution Ushers in Next Gen CRM on HANA

Supply Chain Management

A Customer's First SAPPHIRE NOW: COOP Sweden


Talk is Cheap: Mobile operators showcase how they are walking the walk with mobile apps at SAPPHIRE Madrid

Taking Telcos Beyond Telco

Transportation & Logistics

Wine vs. Logistics


2012 SapphireNOW Madrid - Utilities Everywhere.....

Multiple Topics/Cross Topics

Sometimes it’s not about running faster but changing the way we run!

Ringing the changes with SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management at SAPPHIRENOW

"Now I've seen everything!"

Add Chocolate, Mix in Oil, Stir Vigorously: What’s Cooking at the SAPPHIRE NOW Industries Campus

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