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SAP HANA and SAP Solution Extensions


As businesses make the move to SAP HANA, there are many quality assurance, preparedness, and operational considerations. Companies can make this move confidently by using applications that are designed and developed to take advantage of SAP HANA’s high performance environment, and are tested to ensure they are secure and deliver the expected business results, by using application data that is well managed, and by ensuring that ongoing business processes have been optimized and automated to allow the most efficient operations possible

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And as CIO's and other leaders re-imagine their businesses for the digital age, they will inevitably face challenges. The three most commonly discussed are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for greater business insights, delivering security across business networks, and achieving higher levels of business productivity and efficiency. SAP Solution Extensions can help CIO's innovate in each of these areas by complementing their investments in SAP HANA with solutions developed by independent software vendors that seamlessly integrate with SAP applications.

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The following provides more information about specific SAP Solution Extensions referenced in the articles above.

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