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We are under Cyber-Attack!!!

How should organizations respond to cyber-threats? A risk-based approach to security is the recommended best practice to detect treats, analyze, investigate and respond. Learn more about the "secret sauce" in the never-ending battle for cyber-security.

21 June 2016

@ Launching my 1953 ex USAF Piper Cub on Internet of Things with HCP in 5 minutes - don't wait - just innovate ...

A real-life example using SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Maybe not your standard use case, but this shows the "art of the possible" with Internet of Things. Don't wait. Build your own use case in 5 minutes with SAP HCP.

14 June 2016

Our Future Depends on the Government's Ability to Adapt to the Digital Era

How will we re-imagine government in the digital era? Whether or not you attended SAPPHIRENOW, you will want to read these six questions and key takeaways from conversations with public sector customers, SAP ecosystem partners, and SAP colleagues.

1 June 2016

Government Technology Provides Tailor Made Services Just For You

Public sector agencies are focusing on outcomes, rather than outputs, as they provide services to citizens today. Read about customer examples from Australia to the Americas in this informative blog post.

22 May 2016

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