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Overview - SAP Product Stewardship Network

Learn about our cloud solution connecting supply chain partners and providing exchange of information on product compliance and sustainability data.

Compliance Declaration - Get Started

Start using our Compliance Declaration Scenario to create, publish and request product compliance information.

Sustainability Assessment - Get Started

Start exchanging sustainability information with your business partners by requesting, publishing and analysing product related sustainability data.

Conflict Minerals - Get Started

Prepare your conflict minerals report by exchanging information with your business partners by requesting and providing 3TG data based on GeSi sheets.

System Maintenance News

Regular System Maintenance is on Thursdays every 2 weeks in even calendar weeks. Major Release Upgrades are planned up to 4 times per year.

Need Support

Use our support channels to get help for your issues.

Direct Log-On

Your immediate link to Product Stewardship Network log-on screen.

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