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Upcoming Events for Developers


For upcoming events in 2016, click here.

For a list of events in 2015, click here.

Meet our experts at any of the following events:

Feb 18 - 19DSAG Technologietage, Stuttgart
Feb 24 – 27Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
Feb 26 – 28Strata Conference, Santa Clara
Mar 11 – 13Fluent, San Francisco
Mar 17 – 20EclipseCon, San Francisco
Mar 31 - Apr 2Mastering SAP Technologies, Melbourne
Apr 2 - 3Hadoop Summit, Amsterdam
Apr 14 - 16Mastering SAP Technologies, Johannesburg
Apr 14 - 17ISUG-TECH Conference, Atlanta
May 12 - 16JAX, Mainz
May 16 - 17BACON, London
May 21 - 22GlueCon, Broomfield
Jun 2Comprehensive End-to-End Introduction to SAP HANA at ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW, Orlando
Jun 3 - 5Hadoop Summit, San Jose
Jun 12 - 13Devoxx, London
Jun 16 – 18Scala Days, Berlin
Jun 24 - 29Campus Party Mexico, Mexico City
Jun 30 - Jul 2Spark Summit, San Francisco
Jul 20 - 24OSCON, Portland
Jul 28 - Aug 3YRS Festival of Code, Plymouth
Aug 5 - 9The Developers Conference, Sao Paulo
Sep 8 - 10I Love APIs Conference 2014, San Francisco
Sep 16 - 17API World, San Francisco
Sep 18 - 21Campus Party Ecuador, Quito
Oct 11 - 12Silicon Valley Code Camp, Los Altos
Dec 2 - 3ThingMonk, London

SAP TechEd && d-code

Oct 16 - 17IoT at Scale, a RedMonk event at SAP TechEd && d-code (Palo Alto)
Oct 20 - 24SAP TechEd && d-code, Las Vegas
Nov 11 - 13SAP TechEd && d-code, Berlin

SAP InnoJam       


Feb 26 - 27SAP Dublin AppHaus Student Innojam
Apr 9 - 10SAP InnoJam Paris
Apr 9 - 10SAP Student InnoJam Athens
Oct 18 - 19SAP InnoJam Palo Alto, at SAP TechEd && d-code US
Nov 9 - 10SAP InnoJam at SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin

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SAP DemoJam                                                           

                                                                                                                                            more about DemoJam

SAP Summit

Nov 21 - 22SAP Architect and Developer Summit, Sydney

SAP Developer Day

Jun 11SAP HANA Developer Day, Palo Alto
Sep 25SAP HANA Developer Day, Walldorf
Oct 14SAP HANA Developer Day, Dresden
Oct 28SAP HANA Developer Day, Houston

SAP CodeJam

Jan 18SAP CodeJam Istanbul (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Feb 7SAP CodeJam 's-Hertogenbosch (ABAP in Eclipse)
Feb 12SAP CodeJam at SAP Forum Brazil (SAP HANA)
Feb 13SAP CodeJam at SAP Forum Brazil (SAP HANA Cloud Platform)
Feb 19SAP CodeJam Saudi Arabia (SAP HANA)
Feb 20SAP CodeJam Antwerp (SAP UI5 with SAP NetWeaver Gateway)
Feb 25SAP CodeJam Bielefeld (ABAP in Eclipse)
Feb 26SAP CodeJam Bielefeld (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Mar 6SAP CodeJam at SAP Forum Mexico
Mar 7SAP CodeJam Eindhoven (SAP River)
Mar 7SAP CodeJam Chandigarh (SAP HANA)
Mar 21SAP CodeJam Grand Rapids (SAP River)
Mar 22SAP CodeJam Qatar (SAP HANA)
Apr 8SAP CodeJam Madrid (SAP HANA)
Apr 8SAP CodeJam Durham (SAP Mobile)
Apr 11SAP CodeJam Sheffield (SAP HANA)
Apr 15SAP CodeJam Saudi Arabia (SAP HANA)
Apr 16SAP CodeJam Atlanta at ISUG (SAP HANA)
Apr 16SAP CodeJam Bangalore (SAP HANA)
Apr 17SAP CodeJam San Antonio (SAP Lumira)
Apr 23SAP CodeJam Mexico City (SAP HANA)
Apr 24SAP CodeJam Mexico City (SAP HANA)
Apr 25SAP CodeJam Mexico City (SAP HANA)
Apr 29SAP CodeJam Montevideo (SAP HANA)
Apr 30SAP CodeJam Münster (ABAP in Eclipse)
May 1SAP CodeJam Los Angeles (SAP HANA)
May 8SAP CodeJam Munich (ABAP in Eclipse)
May 9SAP CodeJam Munich (ABAP in Eclipse)
May 15SAP CodeJam Sofia (SAP HANA Cloud)
May 16SAP CodeJam Leipzig (SAP Mobile)
May 16SAP CodeJam Beuningen (SAP HANA)
May 21SAP CodeJam Manila (SAP HANA)
May 22SAP CodeJam Manila (SAP HANA)
May 23SAP CodeJam Mexico City (SAP HANA)
May 23SAP CodeJam Grafenrheinfeld (ABAP in Eclipse)
May 24SAP CodeJam Izmir (ABAP on SAP HANA)
May 27SAP CodeJam Kuala Lumpur (SAP HANA)
May 28SAP CodeJam Bogota (SAP Lumira)
May 29SAP CodeJam Bogota (SAP Lumira)
May 30SAP CodeJam Hyderabad (ABAP on SAP HANA)
May 31SAP CodeJam Hyderabad (BW on SAP HANA)
May 31SAP CodeJam Santiago (SAP Lumira)
Jun 4SAP CodeJam Zurich (SAPUI5)
Jun 6SAP CodeJam Vienna (ABAP in Eclipse)
Jun 9SAP CodeJam Patiala (SAP HANA)
Jun 10SAP CodeJam Patiala (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Jun 12SAP CodeJam Roermond (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Jun 14SAP CodeJam Jakarta (SAP HANA)
Jun 18SAP CodeJam Mumbai (SAPUI5)
Jun 18SAP CodeJam Bern (SAP NetWeaver Gateway)
Jun 19SAP CodeJam Mumbai (ABAP in Eclipse)

Jun 20

Jun 24

SAP CodeJam Mumbai (ABAP on SAP HANA)

SAP CodeJam Vancouver (SAP Lumira)

Jun 25SAP CodeJam Grand Rapids (SAP Lumira)
Jun 25SAP CodeJam Bielefeld (SAP NetWeaver Gateway with SAPUI5)
Jun 26SAP CodeJam Barcelona (SAP HANA)
Jun 27SAP CodeJam Rosmalen (SAP HANA Cloud Integration)
Jun 27SAP CodeJam Aachen (ABAP in Eclipse)
Jun 27SAP CodeJam Hamburg (ABAP in Eclipse)
Jul 2SAP CodeJam Dubendorf (SAP Mobile with Kapsel)
Jul 4SAP CodeJam Limerick (SAP HANA)
Jul 4SAP CodeJam Chennai (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Jul 27SAP CodeJam Noida (SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS)
Aug 5SAP CodeJam Bangalore (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Aug 22SAP CodeJam Newtown Square (SAP HANA)
Aug 23SAP CodeJam Goa (SAP HANA)
Aug 30SAP CodeJam Rio de Janeiro (SAP HANA)
Sep 10SAP CodeJam Pune (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Sep 11SAP CodeJam Pune (SAP Gateway)
Sep 12SAP CodeJam Hyderabad (SAP HANA Cloud)
Sep 17SAP CodeJam Lima (SAP HANA)
Sep 19SAP CodeJam Lima (SAP HANA)
Sep 20SAP CodeJam Liverpool (OpenUI5)
Sep 23SAP CodeJam Noida (SAP Gateway)
Sep 23SAP CodeJam Darmstadt (SAP Mobile)
Sep 24SAP CodeJam Noida (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Sep 25SAP CodeJam Seville (SAPUI5)
Sep 25SAP CodeJam La Paz (SAP HANA)
Sep 26SAP CodeJam Kochi (SAPUI5)
Sep 26SAP CodeJam Sheffield (SAP HANA)
Sep 29SAP CodeJam Bangalore (SAP Mobile)
Oct 1SAP CodeJam Stuttgart (SAPUI5)
Oct 3SAP CodeJam Dallas (SAP HANA)
Oct 3SAP CodeJam Eindhoven (SAP River RDE)
Oct 10SAP CodeJam Munich (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Oct 16SAP CodeJam Hannover (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Oct 16SAP CodeJam Hamburg (SAPUI5)
Oct 20SAP CodeJam Munster (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Oct 23SAP CodeJam Utrecht (ABAP on SAP HANA)
Oct 24SAP CodeJam Dusseldorf (ABAP in Eclipse)
Oct 31SAP CodeJam Bangalore (SAP HANA Cloud Platform)
Nov 4SAP CodeJam Bucharest (SAP HANA Cloud Platform)
Nov 6SAP CodeJam Cluj (SAP HANA Cloud Platform)
Nov 10SAP CodeJam Abu Dhabi (SAP HANA)
Nov 14SAP CodeJam Bangalore (SAPUI5)
Nov 28SAP CodeJam Oldenburg (ABAP in Eclipse)
Dec 6SAP CodeJam Poznan (SAPUI5)

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Meetups, Hackathons, Contests


Jul 9Open-source in big companies: Let the series begin! (Palo Alto)
Jul 23SAP Mobile - Building a multi-channel app from scratch in 2 hrs (San Francisco)
Aug 13Open-source in big companies: Failures, Success Stories & Best Practices (Palo Alto)
Sep 24Open-source in big companies: Speaker Session - How does Open Source transform engineering? (Palo Alto)
Oct 29Open-source in big companies: Speaker Session - IoT and Big Data (Palo Alto)
Dec 10Open-Source in big companies: Speaker Session - X-Mas Edition (Palo Alto)

SAP Inside Tracks:

Feb 22SAP Inside Track Hyderabad
Mar 3SAP Inside Track Vancouver
May 26SAP Inside Track Israel
Jun 28SAP Inside Track Hamburg
Jul 5SAP Inside Track Chennai
Jul 26SAP Inside Track Noida
Sep 3SAP Inside Track Sao Leopoldo
Sep 27SAP Inside Track Kochi
Oct 11SAP Inside Track Munich
Nov 15SAP Inside Track Bengaluru
Dec 6SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo

                                                                                                                                                                                    more about SAP Inside Track

DataGeek III: Thrones of Data. This challenge is a movement by the data community to discover and tell the most compelling stories using data. It urges us to demonstrate how we can turn data into meaningful insight that allows us to take action that will ultimately lead to change however big or small. All entries accepted until December 5th.

SAP M-Prize - Unlimited Human Potential Challenge: an SAP sponsored contest in search of innovative ideas to unleash human potential as it relates to leadership, management and work. Looking for hacks or stories that convey a disruptive idea, a radical fix or an experimental design that can change the way we work thru emerging technologies and collaboration. Deadline to submit entries: March 31st.

2014 SAP HANA Innovation Awards: if your company is running SAP HANA, here is your chance to showcase how your company is using it to drive innovation and have a positive impact on the workforce, customers, partners, and society. Prizes include tickets to SAP TechEd && d-code, $10K for charity, and more. Entries accepted Feb. 3 to May 20, 2014.

2014 SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Challenge for Mobile: your chance as a partner to build mobile apps, publish them on the SAP Store between April 1st and August 31st, and get a chance to win an award and get promoted at a key SAP event in the fall of 2014 and be included in various demand-generating activities.

2014 SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Challenge for SAP HANA: all partners are invited to take part in the 2014 challenge for applications based on the SAP HANA platform. Create your applications now, publish them on the SAP Store, fill out the submission form, and you are in the race. One winner and two finalists will be awarded with trophies in the Fall 2014 at a major SAP or similar event and will be included in various demand-generating activities.

2014 SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Challenge for Cloud: create your applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, publish them on the SAP Store, fill out the submission form and you are in! All partners are invited to participate. One winner and two finalists will be awarded with trophies in the Fall 2014 at a major SAP or similar event and will be included in various demand-generating activities.

2014 SAP and Google Application Challenge: be one of the participating software vendors to build and sell enterprise applications that integrate SAP and Google technologies. Participating members will receive enablement and certification support. Demo your application to SAP and Google for a chance to be one of three finalist enterprise applications and receive a pair of Google Glass. Partner and publish your enterprise application on the SAP store. Partners that are finalists will also receive valuable go to market support via de SAP Store and the Google Apps Marketplace. Register for the "Announcing the SAP and Google Apps Challenge" webinar to learn more (April 2, 8 AM PT).


Webinar: Flu prediction based on Twitter data - See how to build an E2E SAP HANA application (Feb 27). Watch the replay.

Webinar: Understand customer needs related to SAP HANA Advanced Analytics (Feb 13). Watch the replay.

Webinar: SAP River RDE - Creating new apps (Jul 31). Register.

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