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The number of Electric Vehicles is increasing. The demand for solutions covering the requirements of the EV drivers is growing. The various players in the market, like SAP with the Utilities solution, car manufacturers or mobility service providers need to invest quickly.

Here are some interesting postings about Electromobilty:

  • New: The German energy provider EnBW uses smart lamps to charge eCars. View this video and see how it works:

and the link to the Electromobiltiy Whitepaper "Electric Vehicles: The Tipping Point for the Smart Grid" October 2013 >>

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As prices on electric vehicles continue to drop, millions of people will be looking for places to fuel up. It may seem like a natural fit for utilities to build the charging infrastructure, given their expertise with energy delivery.

And some are doing it, including German utility RWE.

Read more about how they have constructed networks of charging stations for such customers as municipalities, fleet operators, and utilities across Europe. All told, the company operates more than 4,000 so-called smart-charging stations across Europe, with more than 275 in Berlin and its environs alone.

Have a look at some hard facts on the impact of Electric Vehicles on the grid and see how utilities can avoid grid disruptions. Read more .

Here are four ways that electric vehicles will impact utilities and actions you can take:

1. Create New Business Models

2. Become Charging Providers

3. Use Electric Vehicles to Smooth Demand

4. Prepare for the Smart Grid

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Take a journey with Michael as he better connects with his utility provider when purchasing an electric car, installing solar panels and monitoring his electricity usage:

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