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DeskI is not back... but here is something that will help you to move to BI 4


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Introduction to the Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack

The Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) is solution that allows customers to use DeskI XI 3.x while moving to BI 4. It allows the Desktop Intelligence reports, users, universes and database connections to be managed by the BI 4.1 platform. DCP is part of Desktop Intelligence XI 3.1 Fix Pack (FP) 6.1

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Information about DCP

  • DCP allows you to support Desktop Intelligence content while you migrate to BI 4.1
  • DCP supports .rep content.
  • FAQ's about DCP can be found here

The status of Desktop Intelligence

  • There will be no 4.x version of Desktop Intelligence.
  • The end of maintenance for Desktop Intelligence and XI 3.x is in 2015.
  • The end of support for Desktop Intelligence and XI 3.x is end of 2017.
  • The end of support for DCP is end of 2017 (formal note:

To reduce the migration effort

An effective method to reduce the migration effort:

  1. "Quarantine" Desktop Intelligence reports in a folder.
  2. Set the folder to delete files after 2 months.
  3. To indicate that a report is still in use, the user should move the report into another folder.

Plans for Web Intelligence

  • Each new version of Web Intelligence delivers a few additional features to ease the migration of documents.
    • Web Intelligence 4.0 added the Data manager, show/hide, and fit-to page features.
    • Web Intelligence 4.1 added the fold/unfold, freeze header and custom color pallets features
    • Web Intelligence 4.1 SP2 added the use of prompts in formula's, grouping and waterfall chart features
    • Web Intelligence 4.1 SP3 added the data source from excel an csv for Web
  • Together with Desktop Intelligence customers, we have identified the top requirements and features needed for conversion. We will schedule the development of these enhancements beginning with the highest priority.
  • Priorities include Free Hand SQL and Custom Grouping.
  • Freehand SQL is planned for BI4.1 SP05: Freehand SQL (FHSQL) is coming to Web Intelligence

Licensing implications when converting from Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence

You are allowed to run BI XI 3.1 systems explicitly for Desktop Intelligence while bringing BI 4.1 systems online. This means you can convert your Desktop Intelligence licenses to Web Intelligence licenses and begin BI 4.1 deployment. It is okay if you cannot quickly convert your content. You are allowed to run your BI XI 3.1 system explicitly for supporting and and making Desktop Intelligence content available while you migrate.

For example, if you had 10 Desktop Intelligence users, you could convert those to Web Intelligence and begin deploying BI 4.1. These 10 Web Intelligence users can use the new BI 4.1 system for Web Intelligence while still using the BI XI 3.1 system for their Desktop Intelligence needs.

Note: The simultaneous running of both systems will only be allowed until Desktop Intelligence goes out of maintenance in 2015.

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