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UI SAP Business Client (NWBC)

Featured Content for SAP Business Client


New content: YouTube Channel

We have also just created a YouTube playlist for SAP BC. Just 5 videos at present, but we intend to work on that. I should add that the lion's share of the video creation and editing was by Sandra:

Business Client - YouTube

SAP Business Client 6.0: Videos

With SAP Business Client 6.0, for the first time, you can launch SAP GUI  transactions directly from the SAP Fiori Launchpad (using the embedded SAP GUI for Windows). Keep in mind: Only Business Client launches SAP GUI for Windows native transactions. Other clients by default launch SAP GUI for HTML.

Business Client 6.0 (PL2) Long version (6:56):  Learn  how to add a SAP GUI for Windows tile to SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) integrated in Business Client 6.0 as your start page (via FLP connection type). See how to configure RFC destinations in case you are using remote system. See the difference between FLP within BC and browser:

Business Client 6.0 (PL2) - YouTube

Business Client 6.0 (PL0): Short version (4:27) showing how to add a SAP GUI tile to FLP using Fiori Launchpad Designer:

SAP Business Client 6.0 - Integrating Fiori launchpad - YouTube (short version)

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