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Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with SAP Solution Extensions


To make the most of customer-facing interactions, sales and marketing organizations need to be able to understand exactly what their customer’s want and have the tools to help them meet those needs. That’s why SAP provides solution extensions to help assess customer sentiment, adapt to customer demand, and operate the sales and marketing cycle more effectively.

Ensure Better Chargeback Management

Companies that can manage the contract and agreement life cycle improve their customers’ experience, increase operating income, and even turn operating losses into profits. The SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks applica­tion by Vistex enables you to create and execute agree­ments to maximize claims-based supplier cost recoveries. The application allows you to initiate competitive bid or discount pricing agreements, ensure correct pricing for end customers, and generate chargeback claim requests.

Manage Rebates More Smoothly

The SAP Incentive Administration application by Vistex facilitates purchasing and sales rebate programs, helping reduce the cost of goods sold and increase profit margins. With this solution, you can track the progress and status of individual rebate programs, perform accu­rate accruing for earned rebate revenues and liabilities, settle rebates on schedule, and report all rebate activity with financial and profitability analysis statements.

Provide Comprehensive Pricing Support

The SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo delivers real-time pricing insights — including customer location, product, package type, and geogra­phy. This helps sales teams negotiate profitable contracts and quotes, monitor deals, review pricing history, and set price parameters. The application also provides pricing guidance and lets you set pricing policies.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

To increase customer satisfaction with efficient billing, targeted communications, and personalized correspon­dence, companies can use the SAP Document Presentment application, which automates the generation and personalization of documents.


Improve Productivity

The SAP Digital Asset Management application by OpenText helps marketing teams optimize the manage­ment of their rich media assets. Users can create and reuse content across the enterprise, improving produc­tivity, enhancing creativity, and boosting ROI in market­ing content.

Better Serve Your Customers

Ensuring a positive customer experience goes a long way to increasing profits and growing the business. The SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management application integrates with the SAP Business Suite to provide representatives with a detailed view of customer information, enabling them to more efficiently serve these customers.

Omni-channel distribution of relevant and up-to-date product information

SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch is seamlessly integrated with SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement to deliver product knowledge for agent-assisted customer service, and with SAP HANA Cloud portal, support site option for self-service processes.  It also enables omni-channel distribution of relevant and up-to-date product and customer information

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