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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Events - 2008 until today


The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum  around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.

The following list outlines a high-level perspective for some of the events already successfully completed since its inception in 2008 and spanning the entire global COIL network.

IoT Workshops

with SAP Solution Center [COIL Brasil, June and September 2015]

COIL Brasil with SAP Solution Center promoted two IoT Workshops in São Paulo - Brazil, and Bogotá - Colômbia, addressing the interest of SAP Latin America Partners on IoT and the new possibilities with SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

Each workshop was a two-day event with ~20 participants from different companies. During the first day, COIL Brazil presented SAP HANA Development Architecture, SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT, and some live DEMOs using littleBits and quick prototyping boards (e.g.: Raspberry Pi and Arduino). Solution Center also presented SAP's strategy for IoT and how partners can address growing customer challenges and opportunities in this space.

The second day was dedicated to individual meetings with partners interested in IoT projects.

Both workshops increased the awareness on IoT in the region and caught the interest from partners on how SAP HANA Cloud Platform can support their IoT strategies.


with SAP PSA and partner Inclusion Services [COIL Brasil @ Argentina, September 2015]

COIL Brazil was part of the SAP HANA Challenge, the first marathon for SAP developers which took place at Buenos Aires, Argentina. The contest, organized by SAP COIL and partner Inclusion Services, involved the creation of an application to run on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and solve a real problem, interconnecting devices and sensors in contexts of Internet of Things. The participants had 12 hours to create, demo and present the IoT solution developed during the marathon.

Israel Lemes, Integration Partner Expert @ SAP COIL Brazil, was part of the jury committee that evaluated the projects presented. He provided support in the definition of the event and presented HCP, together with a demo and the possibilities offered by the SAP platform. More than 30 developers participated and six projects were finalized. The participants had to choose between four contexts: smart home, smart cars, smart office and applications for orchards or gardens. The winning project was an application for small producers of greenhouses that can control variables such as power consumption and humidity in order to reduce costs, make more efficient consumption and detect anomalies using predictive analytics. The team won the prize of 25,000 argentine pesos and one Apple Watch.

The event landing page is available at


with SAP PartnerEdge [COIL Brasil, August 2015]

SAP Labs Latin America hosted the SAP Apps Experience on August 20th and 21st, an event focused in SAP technology.

The event gathered participants from partner companies. Attendees had the opportunity to better understand the support they can get from many different areas inside SAP Labs, and how they can co-innovate with SAP.

COIL Brasil participated at the event, presenting the SAP framework for co-innovation, executing an IoT live demo on stage and discussing on the Cloud Experts Panel, which closed the event.

One of the event highlights was the COIL IoT live demo on stage. The COIL team developed a fun and interactive demo named “COIL clap-o-meter”, which was used to showcase the key aspects of IoT scenarios while interacting with the audience.

The response to the demo was excellent and got partners to perceive the technical expertise COIL can bring to co-innovation projects and help them kickstart on IoT cases.

You can find a short video of the demo below or via the link and see the audience reaction to the demo.

Inauguration of second Brazilian COIL location & Co-Innovation Forum

with Choice, Cienci, CoreSynesis, EngineBR, EngineeringDB, FH Consulting, Gera, HMSWeb, ITeam, MC1, Pontual, Seidor, Sonda, Systax [COIL Brasil, December 2013]

During 2nd - 3rd  December the Grand Opening of the SAP Labs Latin America took place, in which the Labs inaugurated a new building featuring a new Co-Innovation Lab in Brazil. The Grand Opening acted as umbrella for the Labs Opening, Localization Summit, Academic Forum, B1 Forum, Labs tours (with COIL content) and of course the two day Co-Innovation Forum:

The first day featured:

  • an opening speech by Chris Turner, EVP Partner and Customer Innovation, on Co-Innovation at SAP (see picture above)
  • a keynote by Robert Vetter, SVP E&C Partner Solution Management, on how to diversify and accelerate partner business through co-innovation
  • a keynote by Michael Golz, CIO SAP America, on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • a sponsor keynote by John Kagozian, SAP Head for Americas at NetApp, on NetApp and SAP/ COIL
  • a keynote by Joachim von Goetz, Head of COIL Brasil, summarizing three years of successful co-Innovation via COIL in Brasil with two partner showcases: GERA and Cienci
  • & the award ceremony of the COILympics competition with Amazon Web Services, showcasing the finalists CoreSynesis and FH Consulting.

During the first day, we also inaugurated the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in São Leopoldo as part of SAP Labs Latin America; officially turning COIL São Paulo after 3 years of successful collaboration into COIL Brasil. Axel Henning Saleck, Head of COIL Global, shared insights on Brazil and COIL with its expansion within his keynote to set the context. We were very proud to have Luka Mucic joining us on stage for the ceremony. Full participant list of the opening ceremony: 

  • Luka Mucic, Member of the Executive Board of SAP AG  Head of Global Finance  
  • Clas Neumann, SVP, Global Head SAP Labs Network &  Fast Growth Market Plans   
  • Axel Henning Saleck, VP, Head of Global SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network   
  • Stefan Wagner, Managing Director, SAP Labs Latin America   
  • John Kagozian, SAP Principal, Global SAP team NetApp
  • + subsequent toast by Luis Cesar Verdi,­ SVP for Innovation in Latin America

The second day was filled with sessions on SAPs market categories (strategy, COIL content and partner live demos) following the motto: making innovation tangible:

  • HANA by Gera, Choice
  • Applications by HMSweb, and EngineeringDB, Sonda and Systax (last three are also SAP HANA cases)
  • Analytics by Pontual
  • Mobility by iTeam and MC1
  • Cloud by Cienci, Seidor and EngineBR

Since the inauguration of COIL in Brazil in October 2010, we have now working with over 50 partners from Latin America, in more than 80 projects covering all market categories from SAP across various industries and this new locations within SAP Labs has now turned the success also into a tangible environment to drive co-innovation even further. We have successfully shown the Ecosystem and our guests  the status, the good partner relations and success of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Brazil!

Press coverages includes articles from ASUG Brasil, Baguete, Canal Tech, ComputerWorld, Decision Report, Information Management, IT Web and Jornal do Comércio, that covers the event in detail (originals are in Portuguese).

SAP Banking Showroom opened at Financial University Moscow

with Financial University Moscow [COIL Moscow, May 2013] As a result of joint activities of the SAP CIS Financial Services Industry team and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL), a Demo Area was opened at the Financial University Moscow, where the latest innovative SAP solutions for the banking industry are available for demonstration and touch-and-try. The demo area was opened by Dr. Kuznetsov, Director of Extended Education in Financial University Moscow, during a conference devoted to Financial Risk Management according to Basel II/III that took place on May 28 at the university. SAP specialists presented SAP’s experience in implementation of Basel II standards based on the SAP Bank Analyzer solution. SAP Liquidity Risk Management on HANA was presented as an innovative approach to financial risk management based on online liquidity risk analysis. The Financial University is alma mater to many decision makers in the financial sector of the Russian Federation.

SAP Co-Innovation Day 2012
with Choice, Ci&T, Cisco, Coss, Cybertecnica, FiresteamAgro, Formers, HMSWeb, Ilegra, ITS Mobile, NetApp, SIGGA [COIL Brasil, November 2012]
In celebration of the 2nd year of the Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) in Brazil, we hosted the Co-Innovation Day 2012 at the SAP Labs Latin America on November 7th, following the motto of making innovation tangible. The event highlighted a selection of the 40+ successfully executed projects in COIL Brasil and welcomed over 80 external people (customers, partners and journalists). Twitter activities during the event using the official tag (#COILDayBR) reached an audience of 16.330 followers. 
Nine partners presented their co-innovation results along the strategic market categories from SAP: Applications, Mobility, Analytics and SAP HANA.
All partners are from the Brazilian ecosystem and all projects highlighted are 2012 COIL activities. Press coverages includes articles from Jornal do Comércio RS, InformationWeek, Baguete, and the offical SAP Press Release, that covers the event and the partner solutions in detail (originals are in Portuguese).
In the following and attached the highlights:
  1. Applications: FirsteamAgro with SIA, a solution for agricultural production management (management of planting and harvesting)
  2. Applications: HMSWeb with Handover Management System, a solution for commissioning integrating into SAPs PM Module
  3. Mobility: Formers with Franch mobile, a solution for the management of Franchises
  4. Mobility: CI&T with Mobile Sales Force Automation
  5. Mobility: ITS Mobile with Mobile Sales Force Automation
  6. Mobility: Ilegra with Management 360, a solution to improve decision making in companies based on indices for managers
  7. Analytics: COSS with Visibio, a dashboard solution to provide data and visibility about all traceable resources in the enterprise
  8. Analytics: Cybertecnica with Advanced Lab Reports, a dashboard solution to visualize managerial reports for laboratory managers
  9. SAP HANA:Choice with Revenue Intelligence for electricity fraud – running 1.123 times faster with HANA
Additional Topics:
  • SIGGA won the Co-Innovation Partner 2012 price, for their outstanding efforts as 1st co-innovation partner in Brasil, 1st EBS on SUP, 3 years consecutive COIL Member, joint successful customer engagements with COIL, etc.
  • NetApp and Cisco (Global COIL Sponsors) talking about their offerings in HANA and their collaborations with COIL
  • SAP Keynotes: Stefan Wagner (speaking about SAP Labs LA), Luis Cesar Verdi (speaking about Innovation at SAP), Axel Henning Saleck (speaking about Co-Innovation at SAP)
The event was a great showcase on how multiple intelligences can unite, sharing a common goal, and jointly innovate to create value for our customers.
For further information, refer to the COIL Introduction (in Portuguese) and the COIL Day 2012 event presentation.

Groundbreaking of SAP Labs expansion in Brasil
with SIGGA [COIL Brasil, July 2012]
The SAP Labs Latin America and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Brasil have since the inauguration of the COIL in Brasil had a very strong collaboration. It was thus natural that the Co-Innovation Lab joined the SAP Labs in the groundbreaking ceremony of the SAP Labs expansion in São Leopoldo.
COILs participation was focused around one cornerstone of the expansion plans: Innovation (see article for others areas above). Customers, press, analysts and government representatives had a chance to learn about Innovation From and For Brazil. Highlighting successful co-innovation from Brazil between the Brazilian partner SIGGA and COIL on SAP's latest mobility technologies, as well as innovation for Brazil leveraging SAP HANA, a game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications, with a prototype for digital booking (SPED and NFe) for Brazil. Additionally introducing SAPs development investments, driven out of the SAP Labs, to create a solution in the space of Agribusiness for Contracts Management. events/Events2012_SAP Labs expansion_Brasil.gif
The picture above depicts a group of customer representatives listening to the innovation booth of Innovation Made in Brazil hosted by Joachim von Goetz, head of COIL São Paulo and SAP Brasil spokesperson for the event (click to enlarge picture).
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Workshop in São Paulo
with various partners and SAP CSA Team [COIL São Paulo, March/April 2012]

Due to the strong interest of the Brazilian Partners on SAP NetWeaver Gateway and the new possibilities of integration to the SAP Business Suite, COIL São Paulo with collaboration from SAP CSA Team and local support from SAP Ecosystems & Channels and SAP Education, has promoted 3 Gateway Workshops in São Paulo. During the Workshops, attendees have learned about Gateway, it’s features and architecture. and did some hands-on exercises.

Each Workshop hosted more than 20 attendees on a 2 day training session. In total there were more than 70 attendees from more than 30 different companies, joining from different states in Brazil. The Workshops were held by Jeff Gebo, one of the top experts and contributors to SAP NetWeaver Gateway in SCN. The feedback from the participants was most positive.

CEBIT 2012 - Brasil as partner country and COIL showcasing innovation from and for Brasil
with SIGGA [COIL Brasil, March 2012]
Europe's prime IT fair CeBIT opened its doors in March 2012, with Brazil as partner country and therefore having two female leaders opening the event: Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil, and Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany. In the Brazil focus section of the fair, SAP Brazil was represented with a booth, featuring SAP Labs Latin America as well as the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) São Paulo. Highlighting successful co-innovation from Brazil between the Brazilian partner SIGGA and SAP COIL Brasil on SAP's latest mobility technologies, as well as innovation for Brazil leveraging SAP HANA, a game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications, with a prototype for digital booking (SPED and NFe) for Brazil.
The picture above depicts the German chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff inauguration of the Brazilian Pavilion for the CeBIT 2012. First person to the right: Joachim von Goetz, head of COIL São Paulo and SAP Brasil spokesperson for the event (click to enlarge picture).

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Workshop in São Paulo
with various partners [COIL São Paulo, Dezember 2011]

Due to the strong interest of the Brazilian Partners on the
SAP NetWeaver Gateway and the new possibilities of integration to the SAP Business Suite, COIL São Paulo with the local support of Ecosystems & Channels and SAP Education, offered a two day Gateway Workshop within SAP Brazil in São Paulo. 25 attendees learned about Gateway, and did some practical exercises within the COIL landscape specially enabled for the Workshop. Some participants joined from others states in Brazil (Curitiba/PR, Belo Horizonte/MG and Vitória/ES), and the feedback from the partners was very positive.

Co-Innovation Lab São Paulo at the SAP Brazil Localization Summit 2011
with LexConsult [COIL Sao Paulo, November 2011]

The SAP Brazil Localization Summit & ASUG Meeting 2011 took place at the SAP Labs in São Leopoldo during 29 and 30 November, where the newest  SAP localization solutions and services are presented to customers and partners. COIL has participated with two sessions during the event.
During the first session COIL presented a co-developed prototype with Lexconsult to demonstrate the potentiality of a tributary framework solution for Brazil, with the utilization of ‘nota fiscal' data (local tax document) from the ERP system, which is replicated to the HANA system by use of SLT extraction, while then being presented with BO reports/ tools in real-time. During the second session, COIL presented an overview about SAP Research and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network; and a more detailed view about the collaboration between COIL and the SAP Globalization Services Team with joint achievements on partner collaboration during 2011 (projects, initiative, certifications, events).
The event was a great opportunity for partners and specially customers to get an overview about the co-innovation activities between SAP and the local Ecosystem, with the main purpose of extending the reach of SAP's portfolio, also in regard to the specific local requirements.

Brazil Co-Innovation Day 2011
with SIGGA, LexConsult, Cienci [COIL Sao Paulo, November 2011] The Co-Innovation Day 2011 in São Paulo demonstrated the Brazilian SAP ecosystem innovation and how partners
move broadly towards our new technologies, one year after the opening of the Co-Innovation Lab São Paulo. Besides information delivered by keynote speakers on Ecosystem, Research, Co-Innovation, and Globalization, the highlights were live demos (not videos) by Brazilian partners engaged with the Co-Innovation Lab São Paulo:
  • Solutions with SAP Mobility Technology on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iOS
  • the first Endorsed Business Solution worldwide on SUP
  • a Gateway solution among the first to be certified by SAP worldwide, and last but not least:
  • the first HANA prototype by a Brazilian partner with Nota Fiscal eletronica via BOE on iPad
More than 75 attendees from more than 30 partners attended the full day event and there is a clear sense in the Brazilian ecosystem that innovation is now tangible - feedback has been most positive. Brazilian partners are now actively participating on the leading edge of SAP's global innovation story. Apart from the mentioned project members SIGGA, LexConsult and Cienci, the live demos have also been contributed by Ci&T, ITST and Trópico (participants of the SUP Experience see the project category on Mobile Technology & Solutions on

Japan SOA/BPM Working Group Workshop 2011
with JSUG, B-EN-G [COIL Tokyo, October 2011] events/JSUG_logo.gif Following the results of previous year, which was "Hands on Experiences of SOA system deployments", Technical SIG of JSUG held the SOA/BPM Working Group workshop 2011, with a tremendous help from COIL Tokyo.

This year, we held the hands on session for BPM system deployments on top of the SOA technologies of NetWeaver, on the Discovery Systems 7.2 offered by IBM-Japan's courtesy. With more than 14 the seasoned SOA specialists, the session started to create the use case based on the real "Customer Master
Creation" business processes with the Credit checking business logic rule engines behind. Since the use case was real one, the participants who already
had several experiences on SOA itself, found and understood the real effectiveness and flexibility of establishing the Business Process Systems on BPM technologies, which was a great accomplishments of the session.

After the session, one of the participants presented the latest success story of SOA/BPM deployments on iPad application. Thus, this SOA/BPM working group now fully recognize the power of SOA/BPM with Mobile environment, not to mention the desk top business processes. Also, COIL Tokyo provided the latest technical presentation of NetWeaver Gateway for the enhancements of mobile connectivity at the last session. Altogether, we are now envisage the next agenda for the year of 2012 to evolve this workshop to the next higher level in accordance with SAP technology, namely mobile and cloud technologies with the latest NetWeaver environments. (by Kiyoshi Masubuchi from B-EN-G, Leader of SOA/BPM WG, JSUG technical SIG.)

Co-Innovation Lab São Paulo Contribution to SAP Inside Track 2011
with various Partners [COIL Sao Paulo, October 2011] events/Events2011_InsideTrack_Sao_Paulo.gif The SAP Inside Track São Paulo 2011, held on the 7th October 2011 at the SAP office in São Paulo, has contributed to spread the knowledge and awareness of SAP's newest technologies among the SAP Ecosystem. The invitation phrase "Come to learn and share your knowledge with your peers as well as make a few friends in an informal atmosphere." catches the spirit of the event which had the participation of approx. 90 attendees.

The event had presentations about HANA, SUP, and COIL São Paulo has contributed with a Gateway presentation and Live Demo, which gave the participants a technical overview of Gateway and its application. The Q&A session at the end of the presentation was very productive.

More information can be found on the content site for
SITSP 2011.

All sessions were presented in Portuguese and recorded for replay, the
COIL Gateway session is also available.

Enterprise Warehouse Management Bootcamp via SAP Solution Management
with Ci&T, CPM Braxis, Neoris and Quendian [COIL Sao Paulo, September 2011]

The lack of experienced consultants, and knowledge in
Extended Warehouse Management in Brazil with increased customer demand, triggered a collaboration between SAP EWM Solution Management, SAP Brazil and SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Sao Paulo. Joint goal was to increase the implementation expertise of the ecosystem via a
combination of SAP education training and hands on experience, combined in a joint bootcamp. The consultants obtained the standard training and created real customer scenarios, customized those, and performed various kinds of tests.

During the period of the bootcamp in September and October 2011, SAP COIL São Paulo hosted the required technical landscape (a SAP ECC 6.0 EhP5 IDES system with SAP Extended Warehouse Management solution). COIL's main task was to host the system and support the EWM team for requests and issues during the bootcamp for Brazilian / Latin America partners.

Strong COIL contribution to SAPPHIRE NOW 2011
with AkaaRa, Arteria, ASian Paints and SIGGA [May 2011] The Global Co-innovation Lab Network has been able to significantly support its partners activities towards this year's SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida. Clear focus topic has been the On Device element of SAPPHIRE:
Watch the panel discussion with Arteria, AkaaRa, and SIGGA at SAPPHIRE in Orlando and gain insights from their experiences on how they designed and implemented mobile applications in less than 100 days. The featured partner solutions have been created in the course of the "Partner-delivered Mobile Applications" (Padma) program, a program jointly launched beginning of 2011 by COIL and the SAP mobility unit, aiming at inviting partners to build high-impact mobile solutions on the latest SAP Mobility Platform in close collaboration with SAP and Sybase experts, who enabled and coached the project teams.
Watch this video from SAPPHIRE 2011 in Orlando to see a live demo of and innovative Social CRM solution that integrates Twitter and Facebook with SAP CRM through SAP NetWeaver Gateway. The solution has been jointly built by COIL members Asian Paints, one of the world's leading manufacturers of
paints, and AkaaRa Consulting, a strong player in the area of mobility.
Co-Innovation Lab São Paulo highlights Innovation during SAP FORUM 2011
with Accenture, Cisco, Firstteam, Firstteam Agro, HP, Intel, LexConsult, SIGGA, Sonda Procwork, and Infoschema

On March 22-24, over 6000 participants, 40 partners and over 160 presentations made up the largest IT event in Latin America, the
SAP Forum 2011 in Säo Paulo, Brazil. The SAP Co-Innovation Lab had a strong presence during the event to showcase joint achievements with various partners and also inspired the interested audience with a presentation on how to build innovative solutions within the concept of co-innovation. Co-Innovation partners who were present during the event include Accenture, Cisco, FirsteamAgro, HP, Intel, LexConsult, SIGGA, Sonda, and Infoschema. LexConsult and SIGGA presented their joint engagement with COIL during co-hosted presentations and therewith drew a broad audience to their sessions. Cisco and CPM Praxis demonstrated a live demo within their booth featuring - as one part - the results of the joint Partner delivered Enterprise Services initiative. SAP COIL São Paulo openly invited interested partners to the COIL booth that was shared with SIGGA, to host various discussions on innovation and to incubate ideas on
potential joint engagements with new partner prospects.

Japan SAP User Group - SOA Study Working Group
with JSUG [COIL Tokyo, December 2010] events/JSUG_logo.gif Based on the survey of Japanese SAP User group, we found that among the SAP users, the knowledge and understandings of SOA technologies were still in need of cultivation. This findings lead us-SOA study Working Group to plan "Hands-on" session of SOA technologies, and fortunately, 15 enthusiastic members joined the session. We toured the full stack of SOA technology components within SAP's service Marketplace and scenario of SOA demo system using Discovery System which IBM-Japan and SAP's Coil-Japan kindly offered us the environment.

With the lead of SOA specialist from IBM-Japan, and SAP-Japan, we covered basic course starting from Enterprise search service to Service Enablement within BPM. Although the time and resources were not enough to cover up to create customized services, all of the members had an experience and understanding of fundamental deployment skills of SOA technology. At the 2nd Focus day of JSUG, our SOA study group presented
the outcome of "Hands-on" session.
Another highlight of this "Hands-on" results was the case report of real achievement from some user company's SOA project which created the intranet expense report application using SOA technology, which was based on the knowledge of "Hands-on" study.

SAP Labs Palo Alto Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Show Case Day

[COIL Palo Alto, December 2010]

SAP Labs Palo Alto Energy Efficiency Showcase Day in December 9, 2010 brought together a select group of leading organizations to share experiences and expertise in executing a business case for sustainability. We at COIL are excited and proud that COIL and SAP Labs Palo Alto took center stage as exemplar, enabler, and catalyst in sustainability.

Check out the COIL blog on this event.

SAP Technology Strategy presentation to the local Brazilian ecosystem

with various partners [COIL São Paulo, November 2010] events/SAP Product Strategy.gif On November 16th, SAP COIL São Paulo hosted a presentation on SAP's Technology Platform Strategy to the local ecosystem. The presenter was SAP Technology Standards and Open Source Program Director, Claus von Riegen, from the Technology Strategy Group. 12 partners were present, including Service Integrators, Independent Software Vendors and Technology Partners, as well as SAP Brazil employees interested in the technology topic. Claus focused on the following 4 topics:
  1. In Memory Analytics: HANA 1.0 & the new class of analytical apps, BI 4.0 (Aurora);
  2. Consumption/Mobile: Sybase Unwired Platform, NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure & Gateway 2.0;
  3. On Demand: Business ByDesign, new LoB OD apps, Personal productivity solutions (e.g. Streamwork);
  4. Cloud/Virtualization: SAP Landscape Manager, Certified cloud partners.

In the end, there was a warm round of discussion among the partners and SAP on how to push forward the technology topics in the Brazilian market, especially SOA adoption.

SAP opens Co-Innovation Lab in São Paulo

with HP, Intel, NetApp, Cisco, VMware, F5, SIGGA and Lexconsult [COIL São Paulo, October 2010] pictures/brazil flag.jpg On October 27, the Global SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network officially launched its fourth location in São Paulo, Brazil. With an investment to date of approximately 1 million Euros in setting up the new COIL location, the local COIL team kick-started its operations and already has projects underway with two national partners, Sigga and LexConsult. Have a look at SAP's official press release (
Brazil, Global) as well as a voice from the Brazilian press (Journal do Comércio, 22.10.2010, Portuguese).

SAP TechEd 2010 Berlin & Las Vegas

with BlueCoat, Brocade, Citrix, F5, HP, IBM, NetApp, OSISoft, Sentilla, VMware [October 2010]

On this year's SAP TechEd's in Berlin and Las Vegas, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab is pleased to share information and results from a number of compelling projects pursued in our lab this year.

In a series of expert sessions, roundtable discussions, on interactive stations and at the Innovation Lab Exhibit, COIL and select partners demonstrate the value of joint co-innovation.
Sybase Field Enablement - Boot Camp for North America
with Sybase [COIL Palo Alto, September 2010] projects/Project2010_sybaseLogo_Field_Enablement_2.gif In September 2010, COIL successfully hosted and supported the Sybase boot camp workshops for mobility sales and solution engineers in North America. Over 100 of SAP mobility solution architects, value engineers, sale and presales people got trained with Sybase solutions in this week long boot camp.

Partner-delivered Content for SAP Manufacturing (SAP MII) Workshop

with Accenture, Cognizant, HP, IBM, Mindtree, Sarla Tech and TCS [COIL Bangalore, December 2009]

SAP Manufacturing Solution Management and COIL Bangalore teamed up to coach 8 partners in defining high-value business processes based on the latest release of SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII 12.1).Various global and regional SAP partners submitted their solution proposals targeting typical manufacturing operation needs. SAP Solution Management experts reviewed the proposals and invited the qualified partners to a focused enablement and design workshop. In this workshop, the solution architectures were finalized according to the recommended SAP methodology and best practices. A follow-up series of project will focus on the implementation.

SAP opens Co-Innovation Lab Demo Corner in Tokyo

with HP and JSUG - [COIL Tokyo, September 2009] events/Event2009 TokyoShowcorner.jpg On September 8th 2009, SAP officially opened the Co-Innovation Lab Demo Corner in Tokyo. Located in the heart of SAP Japan's executive customer area - the 31st floor of Sankei Building - it offers around 2800 visitors every month a chance to see co-innovation in action. This collaboration between SAP Japan Field and COIL is targeted to make innovation within SAP more tangible directly at the storefront. Around 70 individuals joined the opening ceremony, including representatives from Cisco, F5, HP, Intel, NEC, NetAPP, NTT Data group, Tecnos, B-EN-G, VMWare and JSUG. Short speeches have been given by Garret Ilg (CEO SAP Japan), Yutaka Yasunaga (JSUG Chairman), Koji Murakami (HP Japan Director & General Manager), Axel Saleck (VP SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network), Elbert Bailey (VP Ecosystem & Partner Group SAP APJ), and Michael Bannert (VP Active Global Support SAP Japan).

The Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo will continuously showcase project deliverables that have been validated within COIL projects on two 65 inch monitors, as well as hands on demos featuring a glassed-in server booth. Yet, this demo corner will not only be SAP focused but furthermore highlight our partner's integrated products and solutions. Customers are thus able to not only see but also experience the latest fruits and possibilities of SAP's growing ecosystem.

The first project to be featured is the "COIL SAP Solution Manager / SAP Quality Center by HP integrated Japanese E2E Test Management project" with the joint collaboration of the Japan SAP User group JSUG, HP Japan and SAP Japan team (AGS, CIC, COIL and Field Services). Further information on the project can be found on the project information site.

SAP opens Co-Innovation Lab in Bangalore

with Arteria Technologies, Asian Paints, Intel and Wipro - [COIL Bangalore, April 2009] events/EVENT2009 Co-Innovation Lab in Bangalore.JPG On Friday April 24th 2009, SAP inaugurated the third SAP Co-Innovation Lab, at SAP Labs India in Bangalore. In operation since October 2008, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Bangalore has successfully finalized 13 projects with seven different partners und will initially closely engage with 16 partners. The
opening ceremony was attended by executives from more than 30 regional and global partners and customers, SAP senior management, as well as representatives from the Indian media.

In their respective keynotes, speakers from Arteria Technologies, Asian Paints, Intel and Wipro laid out how SAP Co-Innovation Lab Bangalorehelped solve
pressing business challenges
. Attendees were invited to the lab itself and witness project results from Arteria Technologies, Asian Paints, F5, KLG Systel, Mindtree, Mobile One, Wipro in the lab itself. Further information can be found in the press release on or the news article on

SAP Virtualization Week 2009
with Citrix, HP, NetApp, Sun and VMware - [SAP Virtualization Week 2009] events/Event2009-2_Virtualization Week 2009.JPG On 20-22 April 2009 SAP customers, partners and SAP colleagues meet for the third annual SAP Virtualization Week
at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto to learn
  • how customers use virtualization in their SAP landscapes, what is working well, where they still see pain points and which functions and features they would see in the future,
  • which virtualization products and technologies are offered by our partners
  • and how SAP's virtualization strategy does look like.
Around 100 guests in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab at SAP Labs Palo Alto and many, many more could listen to customers, partners and SAP colleagues talking about virtualization, cloud computing and Green IT. With an 88% increase of registrations (compared to 2008) the event demonstrated the broad momentum surrounding this topic, and it shows the value of SAP's ecosystem for our customers. The complete event information can be found on, registered guests may download the presentation files and recordings.
In the meantime, find out what SAP and its partners are doing in the virtualization space to help customers reduce IT costs and boost their bottom lines in this SAP Insider Special Feature (PDF 1.5 MB).

How to Find the Right Enterprise Services
[COIL Tokyo, February 2009]
Based on various customer interactions, COIL Tokyo provided an answers to one of the most frequently asked questions in the space of SAP's Service Oriented Architecture: How to find the right (enterprise) services? The answer can be summarized by means of the following equation: Find = Methodology + Documentation + Search, which then also describes the three major building blocks of the agenda:
  • The initial step: Methodology
  • The understanding of the context: Documentation
  • The fundament has been built, so how can it be leveraged: Search
The findings have been captured in an overview presentation, titled "Finding the right Enterprise Services - Overview on Enterprise Services and the Enterprise Services Workplace", and are elaborated on a high-level in Joachim von Goetz's blog on "How to Find the Right Enterprise Services".

SAP NetWeaver Mobile Integration on SAP’s World Tour
with BSG - [COIL Tokyo, February 2009] events/Event2009-4_BSG Event.JPG In February2009, BSG and the Co-Innovation Lab teamed up to develop a mobile integration demo based on SAP NetWeaver. COIL has served as an active interface to provide the necessary SAP NetWeaver mobile training by SAP Labs India colleagues, and BSG subsequently developed and demonstrated the
application demo for World Tour 2009 Seoul.

This mobile application demo has since then been used in a variety of sales related activities to prospect customers in Korea. Based on the outcome of this engagement, COIL and BSG started to create a SAP NetWeaver mobile application in the area of business workflows for sales roles, targeting pipeline customers in 2009. Further information can be found in the overview presentation (PDF 432 KB).

SAP World Tour and SAP Tech Tour Support
[COIL Tokyo, December 2009]
COIL Tokyo has been providing support for the SAP TechTour as part of SAP Tech World which was held in December 2008 targeting Japanese SAP ecosystem community - primary technical members. The TechTour sessions covered topics such as heterogeneous SOA landscape, co-existence of ESBs in a SOA landscape, composite application examples. In 2009, SAP Tech World in Japan will be held again as a joint event with an annual event of Japanese SAP User Group (JSUG), and COIL Tokyo members will be actively contributing to the event. Further information can be found on the SAP TechTour 2009

Introducing Disaster Recovery Solutions over Virtualization
with Intel, VMware and NetApp - [COIL Tokyo, November 2009]
Businesses need to implement ways to quickly recover their operation, in order to smoothly continue business, after their IT systems have been interrupted through disasters, such as, earthquakes, fires, or other emergencies. Disaster recovery solutions provide an environment to facilitate stable business execution in such disaster situations. Intel, NetApp, VMware and COIL Tokyo jointly verified the configuration and operation for an efficient recovery environment based on specific hardware and software installments. A press release announcing the results has been published on

A workshop has been offered within the SAP offices in Tokyo and Osaka. Approximately 70 customer and partners participated. The title has been "Introduction of Disaster Recovery Solution over virtualization, which improves the investment effect by resolving issues in mission-critical systems in Japan - the land of earthquakes". The event introduced partners and customers to the findings of the project:
  • A sophisticated SAP system setup on one single server (including ECC, BI, EP, XI and MDM) can smoothly be started at primary and recovery site.
  • All transactions occurring on the primary site are reflected 1:1 on the recovery site.
  • The amount of services on the recovery site is possible, through utilization of the Intel Xeon processor 7400 series.

Philipp Morris International visits Co-Innovation Lab
with Phillip Morris International, VMware and others [COIL Palo Alto, November 2008] events/3_EVENT2008 Phillip Morris International.jpg On November 12th and 13th, Philip Morris International (PMI), the leading tobacco company in the world, visited COIL Palo Alto for a two-day workshop. COIL brought together representatives from product management, the ecosystem and eight partners who previously worked on COIL projects. The CTO and the other six members of the IT infrastructure leadership team from PMI have been impressed by the various sessions around networking, SOA management, and virtualization and the in-depth discussions that COIL facilitated.

According to PMI's SAP Global Account Manager, Natalia Parmenova, the time PMI spent in Palo Alto was well worth it. They benefited from the presentations, and especially from seeing the results of real-world engineering and analysis, and having interactive discussions with SAP product teams and partners in one forum. "I really appreciate the work of the COIL team putting the workshop together" she said. "To have SAP organize so many partners and such great content in an integrated and value-added way for the customer highlights our customer focused ecosystem advantage. This will help make sure PMI's plans for new SAP solutions and upgrades are supported by an optimized infrastructure that can run with lower TCO, and that is good for all of us." Further information on SOA management, virtualization or network can be found on SDN.

SAP TechEd 2008
[COIL Network, until November 2008] events/4_EVENT2008 Teched 2008.jpg The global COIL Network has been providing support for SAP's TechEd 2008 which was held in various locations all around the world during Q4 2008, targeting technical experts from all around the world.
Participants could deep dive into the world of SAP to get hands-on technical training, build real connections with various SAP experts and especially also the ongoing community. COIL facilitated a broad variety of sessions and discussions including:
  • SOA for the SAP Business Suite: Find and Test-Drive Enterprise Services (SOA 103)
  • Applying SOA in Heterogeneous Landscapes (SOA 205) Co-Existence of Enterprise Service Buses From Multiple Vendors in Your SOA Landscape (SOA 300)
  • Enterprise Virtualization Map - Your Guide Through the Virtualization Jungle (LCM300)
  • Infrastructure for SAP Applications: Results from SAP's Co-Innovation Lab (SOA110)
In 2009 SAP TechEd will again be held in various locations all around the world.

Partner-delivered Enterprise Services Workshop Series
with aMplus, Arteria, Atos Origin, BearingPoint, B-EN-G, BSG, Capgemini, Intelligroup, Nakisa, OSISoft, Paymetric, Satyam, Siemens, TaskPerformanceGroup, Visiprise, Wipro and others
[COIL Network, until Sep 2008] events/5_EVENT2008 pdes Workshop in Bangalore.JPG In 2008, the SAP Global Ecosystem and Partner Group drove the
Partner delivered Enterprise Service (PdES) initiative to a huge success by piloting the  PdES concept. Highly committed SAP partners successfully finished the complete path from scenario identification via service modeling and definition into implementation.

The Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) project team leveraged the Global COIL Network by carrying out knowledge-transfer
trainings and individual partner workshops all around the world. Discover the resulting partner solutions and scenarios in which SOA methodology-compliant partner services play an essential role on the PdES SDN pages. Workshops have been conducted in the following locations based:
  • Bangalore, India in July 2008
  • Seoul, Korea in July 2008
  • Walldorf, Germany in August 2008
  • Tokyo, Japan in August 2008
  • Palo Alto, US in August 2008

Approaches to Enterprise Service Enhancement
with Abeam, Accenture, b-en-g, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, Tecnos, IdSTrust, BnE, NorthStar, ASPN, Lapha&Company, SK C&C, aMplus and BSG - [COIL Tokyo, August 2008] events/6_EVENT2008 Approaches to ES Enhancement.jpg In August 2008, Joachim von Goetz from the Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo and Mischa Keil from the Vocational training in SAP AG offered a comprehensive introduction towards enhancing Enterprise Services (ES). This topic has become a crucial topic for customers and partners embarking in their service-oriented architecture journey.

It forms the basis of naturally enhancing SAP's business functionality or exposing additional fields of business objects within the (Enterprise) Service signature. The following partners joined the workshops in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea Abeam: Accenture, b-en-g, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, Tecnos, IdSTrust,
BnE, NorthStar, ASPN, Lapha&Company, SK C&C, aMplus and BSG.

Attendees learned how to use the Enterprise Service Repository as well as the ABAP Proxy and backend implementation to enhance existing services with new (optional) fields in their own namespaces. Additionally, Joachim and Mischa introduced the possible to adapt services after consumption using SAPs
Composition Environment and Java. For further information on the topic you may refer to the official
Enterprise Service Enhancement Guide published via SDN. Live demos and walkthroughs have been provided for a variety of tools, including,
  • Enterprise Service Repository, ABAP Proxy, Backend Implementation
  • Visual Composer
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Framework
  • Service Adaption Tool available with NW CE 7.1.2
  • Pure J2EE Implementation

Fundamentals on SAP NetWeaver BPM
with Abeam, Accenture, b-en-g, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, Tecnos, IdSTrust, BnE, NorthStar, ASPN, Lapha&Company, SK C&C, aMplus and BSG - [COIL Tokyo, August 2008] events/7_EVENT2008 Fundamentals on SAP NetWeaver BPM.jpg Shortly after the opening of the Co-Innovation Lab, Juergen Opgenorth provided an introduction to SAPs Business Process Management (codename Galaxy) to selected frontrunner partners from Japan and Korea in the eSOA adoption space.

Juergen shared latest information on concepts, features, limitations, as well as the product roadmap to Fujitsu, NEC, B-EN-G, Abeam, Accenture, JSOL, IBM/IBCS (all from Japan) and IdSTrust, BnE, Samsung SDS, aMplus, SK C&C, BSG, Lapha&Company, NorthStar, ASPN (from Korea), as well as to interested colleagues from SAP Japan and SAP Korea. In total over 50 externals participated in this hands-on workshop. In the following the major comments received from Partners after the event:
The running BPM helped me to get more practical image of the use
Guided Procedure, ccBPM and other Workflow/BPM products comparison have been useful
BAM feature is the key to BPM

SAP opens Co-Innovation Lab in Tokyo
with ABeam Consulting Ltd., Dell Japan Inc., FUJITSU LIMITED, F5 Networks Japan, HITACHI, IBM Business consulting services IBM Japan, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Co, Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation, NEC Corporation, NetApp, REALTECH JAPAN, Sun Microsystems, Tecnos Japan, and Toyo Business Engineering Corporation
[COIL Tokyo, June 2009] events/8_Event2008 Opening Ribbon.jpg On July 16th, 2008 the Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo has been launched. It is SAP's second COIL worldwide, after the Co-Innovation Lab Palo Alto. Around 70 VIPs and related people from 25 endorsed partners attended the opening ceremony and listen to speeches and presentations given by Zia Yusuf, EVP and head of the Global Ecosystem and Partner Group (GEPG), as well as by the President and CEO of SAP Japan (Agenda in EN/ JP). SAP Japan was represented by various lines of business, demonstrating the tight relationship between the field organization and the newly opened Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo. SAP press release was furthermore accompanied by an introduction video. Further information can be accessed on the COIL Tokyo opening announcement page. Endorsing partners have been ABeam Consulting Ltd., Dell Japan Inc., FUJITSU LIMITED, F5 Networks Japan, HITACHI, IBM Business consulting services IBM Japan, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Co, Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation, NEC Corporation, NetApp, REALTECH JAPAN, Sun Microsystems, Tecnos Japan, and Toyo Business Engineering Corporation.
Further information can be found on the COIL Tokyo Opening event page or video.

Co-Innovation Days 2008
[COIL Tokyo, April 2008] events/10_EVENT2008 Co-Innovation Days 2008 small.jpg On April, 14th and 15th 2008, Japanese and Korean partners jointly participated in SAP's Co-Innovation Days 2008. The two days workshop and hands-on experience was centered around the concepts of Co-Innovation on SOA and the benefits partners can harvest through the mutual synergy.

The following outlines the major themes of the workshop days:

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