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SAP Sybase IQ Developer Center


Build big-data analytics solutions with the market leader. SAP Sybase IQ is an open, cost-effective, optimized and scalable analytics RDMS that runs on most hardware and OS configurations.

Learning Material

Sybase IQ Quick Start Guide

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sybase IQ (pdf)

Lesson 2: Product Installation and Database Creation (pdf)

Lesson 3: Create Schema and Load Data (pdf)

continue with one or more of the following based on your interest:

Lesson 4: Optimize a Query using the Sybase IQ Query Plan (pdf)

Lesson 5: Monitoring Sybase IQ with Sybase Control Center (pdf)

Lesson 6: Scaling Out with Multiplex and Distributed Query Processing (pdf)

Lesson 7: Pattern Matching with a C++ In-Database UDF (pdf)

>> Metadata, Data and Queries for Lessons in the Quick Start Guide (tar.gz, 291MB)

more information on

Migration Guides

Sybase IQ 15.0 - Database Migration (pdf)

Sybase IQ 15.0 - Local Store Migration (pdf)

IQ 15 Installation / Migration Reference and Troubleshooting Tips (pdf)


Sybase IQ 15.1 (html)

>> User-Defined Functions Guide (html)

Best Practices and Other Technical Documents

Sybase IQ 15 Best Practices Guide (pdf)

Managing Big Data Using Sybase IQ VLDB Option (pdf)

A Practical Hardware Sizing Guide for Sybase IQ 15 (pdf)

Scaling Out Query Performance with Sybase IQ 15.3 (pdf)

User-Defined Function Development for Sybase IQ and RAPStore - Best Practices Guide (html)

Fuzzy Logix - DB Lytix 1.0 UDFs running on RAPStore from RAP R3 - The Trading Edition, or Sybase IQ 15.1, Report 321, Aug./Sep. 2009 (Revised July 2010) (html, registration required)

Developer Freebies

Download Sybase IQ Express Edition - unlimited trial (contact information required)

>> restricted to max 5GB of data and no third-party extensions

Featured Content

Building an Analytical Platform (pdf)

Building a Data Warehouse of Call Data Records - Solutions Considerations (pdf)

Architectural Documents

Sybase IQ 15 - Technical Overview (pdf)

Sybase IQ Text Technologies - A Technical Overview (pdf)

Sybase IQ In-Database Analytics Option - Technical Overview (presentation, pdf), technical paper (pdf)

Sybase IQ Unstructured Data Analytics Option - Technical Overview (pdf)

Sybase IQ 15 Multiplex Grid Option - Technical Overview (presentation, pdf), technical paper (pdf)

Securing Your Data Assets Using SAP Sybase IQ Advanced Security Option - Whitepaper (pdf)

Performance Comparison of Sybase IQ 15.x and IQ 12.x (pdf)

An analysis of Sybase IQ 15.0 and Sybase IQ 12.7 performance on HP platforms (pdf)

Webcasts and Demos

Sybase IQ 15 – The Smart Approach to Analytics (video)

In the Mix: How Native Integration Improves MapReduce and Hadoop (video)

SAP Sybase ASE Can Impact Your Bottom Line (video)

Demo: The Power of Predictive Analytics (video)

Demo: Prevent Customer Churn By Hearing What Your Customers Are Saying (video)

Demo: Want To Know What Your Customers Are Thinking? (video)

Demo: Want to Analyze Your Big Data without the Big Hassle? (video)

Demo: Utilize Big Data for Interesting Insights Into Your Business (video)

>> playlist on YouTube