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SAP Gateway Demo System

Get ready for a test-drive with SAP Gateway

For developers who want to get a first impression of SAP Gateway we are offering free access to an online demo-system. If you are a registered SCN users, you can get access to several sample services exposed by the latest SAP Gateway 2.0. You can use your favorite development environment or just a web browser to connect to the demo landscape via a URI. You will see how easy it is to access a processes and data from a standard SAP Business Suite system (ERP, CRM, ...) via open protocols as they are offered by SAP Gateway.

Sample Gateway Services

We have selected initially a number of typical services, that you can use to familiarize yourself with the technology. Over time we will offer additional services covering more and more use cases.

The current services are provided with URIs for:

  • the Consumption Model, which points to the OData service
  • the metadata document, which is a complete XML representation of a Consumption Model
  • a sample query operation. This URI already returns a list of sample data from the underlying IDES system. It is possible to edit the URI for a different query
  • a sample read operation, providing details for one data object. Also this URI can be altered.

Please see the list of already available services below.

GWSAMPLE_BASIC - EPM based sample service

This sample service is based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM) and is available as standard for SAP Gateway Foundation (component SAP_GWFND) as of SAP NetWeaver Release 7.40 Support Package 08.

For further details please check the documentation and this presentation.

The sample service GWSAMPLE_BASIC supports the following scope:

  • CRUDQ operations for the entity types BusinessPartner, Contact, Product, SalesOrder, SalesOrderLineItem
  • Value help entity types derived from search helps
  • Deep insert for SalesOrder and SalesOrderLineItems
  • Generic expand
  • Batch
  • Count
  • Inlinecount, skip, top
  • Filter
  • OrderBy
  • Usage of SAP annotations
  • Usage of complex types
  • Function imports
  • Navigation properties

Example usage:

RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT - Flight Example (legacy service)

This sample service will expose data from the good old Flight sample application, which is available in SAP NetWeaver since many years.

GWDEMO - EPM (legacy service)

This example is based on the SAP Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). EPM is a test application that serves as a proxy for SAP’s realworld Business Suite applications. It is based on real-world business logic and scenarios that can be used for different testing approaches and is equipped with the means to generate meaningful test data.

Below list contains only links to QUERY operations. The READ operations are implemented to use a unique GUID to retrieve the data. We are re-generating the data on a regular basis to have a consistent data-set and the GUIDs are changing each time.

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