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SAP TechEd

SAP TechEd Buzz Hosted by Chip Rodgers


This year we have something new and exciting in the run-up to SAP TechEd Las Vegas.  We’re calling it “SAP TechEd Buzz!”

The concept is simple.  We have some amazing people that help create the SAP TechEd event every year.  And this year we want to introduce you to them in a series of live, pre-conference broadcasts, hosted by Former Member.   For more info, check out this video announcement.

Join us live!  We'll be live streaming on SCN homepage and SAP TechEd page

The session will be broadcast live on the SCN TechEd Page once the session starts. 

So, on the day of SAP TechEd Buzz make sure you check this page regularly.

If you miss the live broadcast, you can still receive a link to the replay here.

See a full list below of SAP TechEd Buzz dates and speakers.




TopicGuestsLink to Session
September 14th12 noon"Meet the Speakers"

@Bernhard Steigleider (SAP TechEd Content Overview

@Michael Eacrett (SAP HANA Roadmap)

@Serge Muts (SAP HANA)

@Thomas Jung(HANA Applications, ABAP, etc)

Christina Miller and TechEd '07 (SAP TechEd Content Process)
September 20th12 noon"Develop Like Never Before"

Former Member (SAP Developer Programs, DemoJam, InnoJam)

@Thomas Grassl (SAP Developer Programs, InnoJam)

Former Member (SAP Startup Program)

Former Member (SAP Startup Program)
September 27th12 noon"SAP Technology Showcase"

Former Member-Dunning  (Campus Overview)

@Michael Golz  (SAP Runs SAP)

Former Member (HANA)

Former Member (Mobile)

@Harald Nehring (Platform)
October 4th12 noon"SAP Community and Social Media"

Former Member (SAP Community Network and SAP TechEd as a Community Event)

@Brian Ellefritz (Social Programs at SAP TechEd)

@Jon Reed (SAP Mentors at TechEd)

@Jeanne Carboni (SAP TechEd Clubhouse and Community)

@Mark Finnern (SAP Mentors at TechEd)

Richard Laible (SAP Clubhouse Theater)
October 12th12 noon"How to Survive TechEd"

@Philippe Rosset (The Showfloor, SAP TechEd Live, The Drum Circle)

Tammy McGraw (Clubhouse, Upgrade Your Brand, Photo Booth)

Former Member (Connecting with Friends at SAP TechEd - Who's Coming?)

@Ian Kimbell (Great Demo Jammers this Year)

Former Member (Our Social Media Hub - Start Watching Now)

Barry Barnett (How We Make SAP TechEd Run)
Former Member

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