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SAP Transportation Management

Consulting Notes for SAP Transportation Management


SAP consulting notes cover a host of useful information to support you with your SAP implementation projects - tips and tricks on system, processes, configuration, customizing, coding etc...

SAP customers, partners and employees can access all SAP notes

Here a selection of important consulting notes for SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) with the direct link to the details to help you in your SAP Transportation Management projects. Note: You will need your customer / partner SAP id to log-on to this system.

Consultin Note TitleNote # with URL
SAP TM Deployment Options1951846
SAP TM 9.1: Required Product Versions and Stacks2038910
SAP TM 9.1 - Collection of notes recommended to be implemented1911687
SAP TM 9.0 - Collection of notes recommended to be implemented1699407
SAP TM 8.1 - Collection of Notes recommended to be implemented1625213
Installing the SAP Library for SAP TM 8.1 and higher1651364
SAP Visual Business client for use with TM, EWM and EM codeployments2001502
SAP TM 8.0 - Collection of notes, pro-active implementation1522754
TM: Integration with EM, ERP, CRM and EWM - Releases, Enhancement Packages and Support Packages1738013

ERP Integration: System Connection between ERP and TM

FAQ for ERP - TM Logistics integration1588450
WS/RM Integration Guide for SAP Transportation Management1978857

TM: Checking customizing setting in ERP (for ERP-TM order integration)


Integration of ERP Shipment with SAP Transportation Mgmt1527545
GIS Integration: Concept and Technology1685381
SMC3 integration for SAP Transportation Management1636870
Integration of Carrier Flight Schedules into SAP TM1857686
FAQ about the setup of SCM Optimizer1640509
Load Plan Visualization Enhancement Guide for SAP Transportation Management2043341
Whitepapers about SAP VSR-Optimizer1520433
Usage of the VSR-Optimizer: Check the degree of complexity1148444
Defining fixed costs for bookings in VSR optimization1739036
TM Authorization Concept1766730
Distance Determination for SAP Transportation Management using Location Attributes postal codes, or international location codes2001921
Update for Solution Manager Content SP39 for SAP Transportation Management 9.11938708
FAQ Sales Order Scheduling1644765
New Schedule in Transportation Management 8.1 / 9.01682472
Consulting note for tendering1697835
Required PPF Settings for outbound SOA communication1517523
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Tendering Web UI1604378
Generation of business object constants interfaces1541488

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