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PowerBuilder Developer Center


PowerBuilder provides a comprehensive development environment to build, maintain and modernize a wide class of business-critical enterprise applications, which combine database access with a highly productive graphical user interface (GUI). It is a declarative programming environment that simplifies the complexities of application development with a high level of abstraction, allowing developers to focus on designing effective business logic instead of trying to keep up with a myriad of complex new technologies, programming languages, and techniques.

Learning Material

Online Tutorials

PowerBuilder 12.5 eTutorial Series

PowerBuilder .NET Guided Tour -- Part 1 (video)

WPF Benefits for PowerBuilder Developers (video)

PowerBuilder WCF Client Support (video)

Powerscript Language Enhancements (video)

Technical Documents

Presentations Developer Days 2010 (registration required)

PowerBuilder 12.5.1 (pdf)


PowerBuilder 12.5 (video, contact information required)

Designing A Modern User Experience With PowerBuilder (video, contact information required)

Keeping Your PowerBuilder Applications Competitive (video, contact information required)

more Webcasts


WebForm Deployment Overview: Deploy a PowerBuilder Win32 Application as a .NET WebForm Application (video)

Intelligent Updater - Part 1: Installing a PowerBuilder .NET WinForm-Deployed Application Using .NET Smart Client Techniques (video)

Refactoring, Code Cleansing, and Test-Driven Development with PowerBuilder (video)

more Demos

PowerBuilder 12 Tutorials

PowerBuilder 12 .NET Stock Trader Reference Application (video)

PowerBuilder and WCF Tutorial (video)

PowerScript .NET Tutorial (video)

PowerBuilder 12 Migration eTutorial: Migrating PowerBuilder Classic Apps to PowerBuilder 12 .NET

Part 1: Migration Overview and Process (video)

Part 2: Platform and Language Issues (video)

Part 3: Sample Application Tour: Anchor Bay Nut Company (ABNC) (video)

Part 4: Migrating and Refactoring ABNC (video)

Developer Freebies

PowerBuilder 12.5 Evaluation - 45-day limited trial (contact information required)

PowerBuilder 12.5 eShop Trial - 30-day full trial (registration required)

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